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AV Police Squad

Harness Data: AV Analytics Analyst

A powerful tool to elevate the AV industry to its rightful position during the programming phase of projects, instead of just being an afterthought. 209
AV Police Squad

DIY Or Store-Bought Solutions

The tech who can build adapters from job scraps is an AV god!" 265
AV Police Squad

Who Needs Excellence?

We were recently commissioning a system for a large government organization. The project had been going on for years with … 479
The venue’s new control room is set up in much the same way as a conventional broadcast control room, with rows of workstations all oriented toward a single multiviewer wall.

Call To Service

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Building A Vibrant Worship Space Part 5

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The main sanctuary’s projection screen is hung house right. The off-center location of the screen was chosen to counteract the low ceiling height and keep the ceiling speaker out of the projector’s beam.

Small Church, Big Picture

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Building A Vibrant Worship Space Part 4

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‘Invisible’ No Longer


Scaling The Wall Of Sound


Train Crash: Has Audio Training Come Off The Rails?


Safety First!


Food Fight! Keep It Clean, Folks


Help New Employees Start Off Right


Latin-Flavored Hospitality In Nashville

The main PA system is configured to cover the main seating area and the bleachers behind the stage.

19th Century Amphitheater Renovates

USI’s large corporate headquarters in Valhalla NY served as the AV blueprint for more than 150 locations nationwide.

Connectivity And Collaboration With BYOD


Amplifying The Fan Experience

A banner videowall deployment at the Silverstein Arena in Kansas City MO greets attendees with stunning visuals in 4K upon entering the arena.
What older sports stadiums might lack in architectural grandeur can be overcome by the installation of eye-catching digital displays.0 497

OLEDs: The Future Is Now?

With wider adoption, we’re swerving back into the emissive lane.0 244

Ensuring Viewer Engagement

Turn a display into an experience.0 502

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DVB Finalizes AV Broadcast Quality Specification Update

At the 87th meeting of the DVB Steering Board (SB), a consortium of digital TV and technology companies, important revisions … 84

ACT Lighting Acquires RapcoHorizon

ACT Lighting, an importer and distributor of technology to the entertainment industry, has completed the acquisition of RHC Holdings Corp. … 387

QSC President & CEO Named President-Elect Of AVIXA Board Of Directors

Joe Pham, President & CEO, QSC, has been named President-Elect of the 2018 Board of Directors for AVIXA. This will … 301

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IT/AV, Video

4K Video—All The Way?

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The remarkable 62,000-plus-square-foot Halo videoboard is the first thing you see when you walk in, and it demands your attention throughout the game.

November 2017 Digital Edition


The Value Of Knowledge


ACT Lighting Acquires RapcoHorizon

Digital Projection

M-Vision LASER 18K 1-Chip Projector

Blackmagic Design

ATEM Television Studio HD Production Switcher

Digital Signage

On LED Walls And Projectors

Digital Signage

Hacking And Headaches

Digital Signage

Before You’re Hacked

Digital Signage

The Race To Black

UWCI’s new location features digital signage displays to inform staff and visitors of its mission and its progress toward goals.
Digital Signage

Integrating Business Process Software

Mt. Kisco Farm swapped out chalkboards for digital menu boards with support from its Boar’s Head distibutor.
Digital Signage

Serving Up Retail

Digital Signage

Retail Signage Content

This virtual presenter can be customized in appearance and programmed to speak a desired language.
Digital Signage

Virtual Presenters Get Smarter

Signage systems using AI and video cameras enable emotion and demographic-based analytics.
Digital Signage

Face It!: Reading Human Facial Cues

Digital Signage

IPTV & Digital Signage

An example of a smart mirror product.
Digital Signage

Videowall Failures & Fault Tolerance


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