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AV Police Squad

InfoComm’s Revised Audio Covfefe Standard

We all have that IT friend you can call when something is taking too long on the computer. Me: I … 516
AV Police Squad

Throwing The DISCAS Out There!

The InfoComm V202.01:2015 DS1 Display Image Size for 2D Content in Audiovisual Systems, or DISCAS for short. 516
AV Police Squad

Amazonian AV: Work Long, Hard & Smart

“You can work long, hard or smart, but at you can’t choose two out of three.” Jeff Bezos wrote … 652

Preventative Maintenance

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Pulpit Rock, Tragedy To Opportunity

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An AV software control system in a Methodist Church in St. Louis MO.

Changing Applications Of Technology

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Signal-To-Noise Ratio: When It Really Counts


Sound Absorption Measurement And Other Absorbing Tails


Reverberation Time: Where’s The Point? – Part 4


InfoComm POV: Microcredentials


And The Issue Is…Part 2: Standards?


Campus Collaboration Craze


Face It!: Reading Human Facial Cues

Signage systems using AI and video cameras enable emotion and demographic-based analytics.
Algorithms for analyzing human reactions to digital signage content.0 197

IPTV & Digital Signage

The ultimate visitor experience solution for sports and entertainment venues.0 194

Reflecting On A Key Component In Digital Signage: Glass

An example of a smart mirror product.
Digital signage is evolving quickly, and glass is a key component of this.0 477

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Historic Chapin Hall Modernizes


Bell Works Creates New Theater Out Of Classic Architecture

Digital Signage

Videowall Failures & Fault Tolerance

Homegrown personalities help elevate brand messaging. Atlanta’s “I’m In” campaign features singer Zac Brown and other locals.
Digital Signage

Collaboration Creates Success

Digital Signage

High Dynamic Range Imaging Is Here

This is a demonstration of ultrafine “micro” LEDs combined with a unique surface-mounting technique to deliver a visual experience beyond conventional LED arrays.
Digital Signage

Invasion Of The Backlight Snatchers

John Rhodes
Digital Signage

Projection Works

This self-order kiosk was unusable during the busiest time of day, due to a problem with the printer.
Digital Signage

When Things Go Wrong

The digital carpet in action at Four Winds Interactive’s headquarters in Denver.
Digital Signage

The Future Of Visual Communications Is…

Digital Signage, DSF Blog

ROI Of Digital Signage

Undoctored photo of an ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) screen.
Digital Signage

Ambient Light Rejecting Screens

Digital Signage

Ready For Change?

Advertising via digital signage continues to be one of the most essential factors in boosting ROI.

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