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The DSP Artist: A Few Words On Elegance

Coco Chanel once said, “Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside.” I dig that. I dig … 133
AV Police Squad

Why So Mean, Videowall?

There were five minutes left before the client showed off the new videowall to the higher-ups. We had been color … 172
AV Police Squad

Never Assume Anything

In addition to Third Party Commissioning services, we also provide Third Party Field Engineering services. While commissioning, we measure and document issues … 428
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WireShark Week

I must have angered the AV gods. I came to a site without my USB to serial cable adapter, and … 273
AV Police Squad

When to Pull the Plug

I’m sure we’ve all been there: Attacking the same problem for hours upon hours. Calling Tech Support and loading new firmware … 244

Samsung’s UH55F-E

Samsung UH55F-E
Samsung’s UH55F-E professional-grade, 1.4mm bezel-to-bezel videowalls combine advanced color management capabilities with the visual enhancements of large-format signage. Each UHF-E … 0 98

Peerless-AV’s Portrait Kiosk Enclosures

Peerless-AV’s line of Portrait Kiosk Enclosures incorporate a robust feature set while maintaining a modern, curvaceous and slim aesthetic with … 0 91

BrightSign’s SiriusXM Music for Business Player

BrightSign now offers SiriusXM Music for Business on BrightSign’s LS322 music player. Available for the first time to customers using … 0 97

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Do architects hate good sound?

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Yamaha Corp. Acquires Line 6

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MSE Audio Acquires Soundsphere

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Not on Spec…What the Heck?

BICSI InfoComm
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DSE 2016: An Attendee’s Perspective

Jill Giardino courtesy Aldebaran
Digital Signage

On Videowalls: The Grunt Work

Digital Signage

Anonymous Video Analytics

Digital Signage

On Videowalls: Direct View LEDs

Panasonic showed an 8K 10 multi-touch interactive table that can be wall mounted.
Digital Signage

CES: Some Jaw-Dropping Intros

Digital Signage, DSF Blog

Anticipating DSE 2016: An Attendee’s Perspective

Digital Signage, DSF Blog

Define Client Goals To Drive A Successful

Convention attendees move through the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta with a 3x3 videowall made up of 46-inch monitors in the background.
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