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AV Police Squad

Like a Bridge over Troubleshooting Waters

External effects muddy troubleshooting waters. 242
AV Police Squad

Meeting Schedules Despite Progress

My reaction to someone telling me to “just do it” reminded me less of a motivation coach, and more of an inflexible senior executive. 392

Reverberation Time: Where’s The Point? – Part 4

Bluetooth For Commercial AV

Bluetooth For Commercial AV


InfoComm’s First Audio Standard Gets A Facelift


The Estimate: It’s Not Just About The Numbers

Don’t Become The Hunted

Don’t Become The Hunted


Why Integrators Should Pay Attention To Legislation

One of the artifact exhibits in “A Hero Is…” features nine interactive exhibits and space program artifacts. Each interactive “pod” is self-contained for content and interactivity, and named after a trait that would be required to become one these heroes, such as Courageous, Passionate or Disciplined. When a visitor comes within a 120º cone around one, an IR emitter triggers activation of a 55-inch LCD/LED display mounted in portrait mode, and a 22-inch touchscreen display.

Kennedy Space Center Heroes & Legends


NCAA’s Coors Center Upgrades Audio

Redesigned dais locations and podium provide high-quality condenser microphones and inputs to connect both new and legacy laptops.

AV Key To Engagement With Government


High Dynamic Range Imaging Is Here

What impact will it have on the AV industry?0 218

Invasion Of The Backlight Snatchers

This is a demonstration of ultrafine “micro” LEDs combined with a unique surface-mounting technique to deliver a visual experience beyond conventional LED arrays.
Have you heard? LEDs are taking over the world. (No kidding!)0 572

Projection Works

John Rhodes
New Features Broaden Applications0 583

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Homegrown personalities help elevate brand messaging. Atlanta’s “I’m In” campaign features singer Zac Brown and other locals.
Digital Signage

Collaboration Creates Success

This self-order kiosk was unusable during the busiest time of day, due to a problem with the printer.
Digital Signage

When Things Go Wrong

The digital carpet in action at Four Winds Interactive’s headquarters in Denver.
Digital Signage

The Future Of Visual Communications Is…

Digital Signage, DSF Blog

ROI Of Digital Signage

Undoctored photo of an ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) screen.
Digital Signage

Ambient Light Rejecting Screens

Digital Signage

Ready For Change?

Advertising via digital signage continues to be one of the most essential factors in boosting ROI.
Director of Guest Experience Talib McDowell, Sr., demonstrates the fitness options available to guests. The beta button for the new fitness center is below the LCD touchscreen.
Digital Signage

Beta Testing New Concepts

Digital Signage

Building The Digital Signage Team

Digital Signage

Selling Clients On The Hidden Value Of LEDs

Digital Signage

Engineering ‘Experiences’


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