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AV Police Squad

Is That Device Really Set Up?

The tolerance for poor installation practices of an “operational system” has increased over the years, but the sweet spot for that exceptional experience still takes a bit of effort. 505
AV Police Squad

Conference Rooms In A Box: Should We Worry?

I am just getting back into the swing of things after an incredible InfoComm. As I get older, my body … 1273
AV Police Squad

What Do Clients Need?: Painkillers vs. Vitamins

Should we, as the AV industry, focus on painkillers instead of vitamins? 623
Photos courtesy Randy Foster.

Array Of Hope

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Building A Vibrant Worship Space – Part 2

0 147

Building A Vibrant Worship Space

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Preventative Maintenance

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Interesting Times (For Wireless Audio)

Figure 1. STI plot and statistics for a platform sound system.

Where’s The Point? Part 7


Sounds Bad? Sounds Good? Who Knows The Difference Anymore?


An Integrator’s Job Doesn’t End With The Installation!


Real-Time, Real-World Analytics Solutions


Video Innovation Revs Ford’s Branding


Historic Chapin Hall Modernizes


Bell Works Creates New Theater Out Of Classic Architecture


Retail Signage Content

Can you read the fine print?0 237

Virtual Presenters Get Smarter

This virtual presenter can be customized in appearance and programmed to speak a desired language.
Data analytics is the key. 0 418

Embracing The Future Of Digital Signage Content Distribution Via IP Streaming

Streaming across multi-cast-enabled networks is a powerful, cost-effective solution.0 759

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NanoLumens Dismisses Claims Against Infiled USA, DetaiLED Solutions

NanoLumens and Infiled USA, LLC and DetaiLED Solutions LLC, providers of LED technology solutions, have reached a settlement to dismiss a … 159

From The Editor: AVIXA’s Arrival And The Future Of Our Market

We’ve shifted from being tech-centric to being experience-minded. 108

InfoComm International Is Now AVIXA

InfoComm International -> AXIXA 831

Best Video Stories

IT/AV, Video

4K Video—All The Way?

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The International Space Station in 8K at 60fps.

September 2017 Digital Edition

Rose Electronics

UltraVista Pro Video Wall Controller


Performance Matters, Parallax Surface Delivers

Mt. Kisco Farm swapped out chalkboards for digital menu boards with support from its Boar’s Head distibutor.
Digital Signage

Serving Up Retail

Signage systems using AI and video cameras enable emotion and demographic-based analytics.
Digital Signage

Face It!: Reading Human Facial Cues

Digital Signage

IPTV & Digital Signage

An example of a smart mirror product.
Digital Signage

Videowall Failures & Fault Tolerance

Homegrown personalities help elevate brand messaging. Atlanta’s “I’m In” campaign features singer Zac Brown and other locals.
Digital Signage

Collaboration Creates Success

Digital Signage

High Dynamic Range Imaging Is Here

This is a demonstration of ultrafine “micro” LEDs combined with a unique surface-mounting technique to deliver a visual experience beyond conventional LED arrays.
Digital Signage

Invasion Of The Backlight Snatchers

John Rhodes
Digital Signage

Projection Works

This self-order kiosk was unusable during the busiest time of day, due to a problem with the printer.
Digital Signage

When Things Go Wrong

The digital carpet in action at Four Winds Interactive’s headquarters in Denver.
Digital Signage

The Future Of Visual Communications Is…

Digital Signage, DSF Blog

ROI Of Digital Signage


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