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AV Police Squad

Never Trust Crows

(Author’s note: This is meant to be read in Lt. Frank Drebin’s voiceover voice, as played by the late, great … 1011
AV Police Squad

Business Card Etiquette

I don’t know about you, but I am still organizing my InfoComm notes. I come back from the show with … 333
Photo Credit: InfoComm International
AV Police Squad

Answering Questions On Differentiation: Integrators vs IT Departments

I am writing this post the day after instructing the CTS-D Prep class the weekend before the InfoComm16 tradeshow floor … 356
IR Remote
AV Police Squad

IR Buds Aren’t That Friendly

Every person in the AV industry, at one point or another, has had to control something with an IR bud. … 638
AV Police Squad

Serviceability: It’s kind of a big deal.

I was recently brought in on a multi-room project to commission the audio aspects of the systems. The rooms were … 1127

The Path To High-Quality Sound Systems

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Kenyan Church Adds Audio

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InfoComm Explains Their New Standard For Image Size

Everybody’s been through it: You go to a conference and you end up at the back of the room and … 0 64

Placing The Consumer At The Center Of The Technology Stage

The Digital Pant Wall for Lululemon uses motion sensors to trigger a content change when pant styles sell out.
Commercial AV systems integrators find themselves in a position of not only having to wade through dozens of hardware, software … 0 235

Battling Online Merchants By Creating An Experience

If you want to know how retail is changing when it comes to adaptation for AV, just take a look … 0 165

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