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AV Police Squad

Deep Learning…and a look inside how my scattered brain works

“I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever … 559
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Debunking Workplace Digital Signage Myths

The McKinsey Global Institute has found that employees are 20-25% more productive when they feel connected with each other and … 548
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Dominating The Lobby

Over the past seven years, Cineplex Entertainment, a motion picture exhibitor based in Canada, has been building an expansive network … 405
mixer slider - house of worship

How To Fix The Mix

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How Loud Should A System Be?

pag-nag feedback solution

Stop Feedback At Its Source!

Figure 1. Unbalanced auditorium RT characteristic and target curve.

A Question Of Balance: Good Acoustics Need A Balanced Approach

InfoComm16 A record crowd of almost 39,000 packed the trade exhibits.

InfoComm16 360: Conclusion


Vet-ting New Hires

iot ecosystem

Opportunities With The Internet Of Things

A 14-screen array in the social media room helps BrandStar staff members deal with clients’ media needs, such as Facebook and Twitter, and helps manage their accounts and provide advertisement services.

BrandStar HQ Uses AV To Meet Clients’ Needs


Aviation History & Future

© John Muggenborg, courtesy of Gensler

Primark Opens First US Stores, Courts Young With Video


Resolution & Cable Length: An Inverse Relationship

Checklist Item Under Test: 3.2.7: The design will pass the required system bandwidth, taking into account supported video resolutions and … 0 343

The Big Picture: What’s Your Share?

Jackson Walker’s digital signage content features custom widgets and video produced by Facility Solutions Group.
Digital signage is the most visible part of the digital AV landscape in public spaces, at institutions and in corporate … 0 322

Digital Signage Fuels ‘SMART’ Organizations

Provide personalized real-time information & easy building navigation.
Do you have clients with conference rooms, boardrooms or lobbies? Virtually all organizations have these spaces, so your answer is … 0 724

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Churchill Downs Modernizes


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Churchill Downs Construction

Mass Effect: New Earth immerses patrons with pre-rendered video, audio and live action.

Inside Mass Effect: New Earth

Readability is paramount when choosing conference room displays.

Size Matters

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