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Industry Experts Promoted To Lead Solotech’s U.S. Systems Integration Team

The President and CEO of Solotech, Martin Tremblay and Philip Giffard, Global President, Sales and Systems Integration Division, have announced a new leadership structure in the U.S. The past two years have been very productive for Solotech especially following key acquisitions of Pro Sound & Video, SEAL, Miami StageCraft, and PSSL. These milestones resulted in additional resources, expertise, locations, and clients. Giffard explains: “Our systems integration expertise has been taken to new heights and our footprint in the United States has been significantly strengthened. With our solid positioning, the time has come to take another important step and consolidate our strengths to ensure succession in a context of undeniable growth.”

David Shoemaker has been appointed President, Sales and Systems Integration, U.S. Reporting to Philip Giffard, David leads the Sales and Systems Integration Division in the U.S. and has primary responsibility for profitability and growth. David is also responsible for defining Solotech’s business strategy in concert with Kelly Prince, Chief Technology Officer. He serves as a member of the Division’s global management team and collaborates on major transactions and new strategic business initiatives. His leadership is also essential to ensure the cohesive deployment of support functions, including human resources and information technology, across the U.S. After more than 15 years at Pro Sound & Video, David is a well-recognized audio design expert and respected business leader.

Kelly Prince has been appointed Chief Technology Officer, Sales and Systems Integration, U.S. Kelly is responsible for the overall technical expertise and the development of solutions that suit the needs of our clients. Also reporting to Philip Giffard, he ensures the deployment of all design and engineering services and oversees strategic procurement for the Division in the U.S., collaborating with the Strategic Sourcing Team in Canada. He also works with Marketing for the commercial deployment of technological solutions and the promotion of expertise. Kelly, also a member of the global management team of the Sales and Systems Integration Division, helps define the vision and strategy to drive business development. With over 20 years of experience at Pro Sound & Video, Kelly is a key strategic player and highly respected industry expert.

Rod Sintow has become Strategic Advisor and Solotech U.S. Corp. Officer. Reporting to Martin Tremblay, Rod leads the ideation, planning and positioning of new strategic business initiatives in collaboration with Philip Giffard, Global President, Sales and Systems Integration. Rod acts as a strategic advisor and thus contributes to realizing Solotech’s vision of growth with a “global and local” approach. He focuses on increasing Solotech’s geographic reach, entering new markets and identifying growth opportunities. As the founder and Chairman of Pro Sound & Video, Rod promotes the full integration of the company in the Solotech family, notably as a mentor to David and Kelly, who will ensure the succession of operations. His 45-year experience and expertise in the industry are second to none and will propel the continuation of Solotech’s international growth plan.

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