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Editor’s Blog #2: Bidding Bon Voyage To The Soon-To-Be-Retired Pete Putman

Sound & Communications is grateful for all his contributions throughout his decade-plus writing for us.


In the publishing business, it’s a sad fact that people come and go. That goes not only for editors, who might have a few-year tenure helming a publication before moving on to greener pastures, but also for columnists, contributors and roving correspondents. I’ve been very fortunate that, since taking the helm of Sound & Communications from my predecessor, David A. Silverman, I’ve been able to keep almost the entire editorial team that he built intact. Other than losing Shonan Noronha, EdD, to retirement from our industry a few years ago, we’ve held onto every columnist and contributor we had back in 2017, when I took my place in the editor’s chair. But, now, that has changed.

Recently, Pete Putman, CTS, who has written for Sound & Communications for more than a decade, made the decision to call it a career. He will continue his “AVent Horizon” column through the end of the year—maybe he’ll even write some Consumer Electronics Show (CES) coverage for us, if he goes—but then he’ll devote his time to making music, driving his Miata and bonding with his newly arrived, incredibly adorable grandchild. It’s a well-deserved retirement after a 44-year career working in and covering virtually every aspect of the AV industry.

Depth Of Knowledge

I only really got to know Pete when David retired and I took over day-to-day editorial operations at Sound & Communications. In just those few short years, however, we had some great conversations. What I was always impressed by is Pete’s depth of knowledge about a range of subjects. I’m an avid follower of American politics, and Pete knows a lot about that. I was telling him about a prospective road trip to get my mother-in-law vaccinated back when vaccines were in short supply, and he knew all about the far-flung city in upstate New York that I was considering driving to. And if I wanted to talk about macroeconomic trends and how they’re altering the course of our industry’s future, I always found an illuminating conversation with Pete.

Thank you, Pete, for spending the last decade plus of your career on the Sound & Communications editorial team. Our readers are educated, informed and edified for having read your work. Now, take the top down on that six-speed Miata and drive off into the sunset. I’ll be waving goodbye as the blue blur whizzes past me.

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