Riedel Communications, Backstage Academy Team Up To Provide Hands-On Training

Students used Riedel’s intercom systems during training and in producing their end-of-year showcase.

In a move to support the next generation of live-event professionals, Riedel Communications teamed up with Backstage Academy to provide hands-on training using the latest equipment. Students in the three-year Backstage Academy training program are fully immersed in the work of live-event production. Working alongside respected industry professionals, the students use high-quality equipment, including Riedel’s Artist and Bolero intercom systems, in state-of-the-art studio spaces. This allows them to hone their skills in creating exceptional live experiences.

“We’re training tomorrow’s professionals, so it’s important that we get the best and most current gear in front of these students,” Backstage Industry Partnership Director Miles Marsden said. “We’re proud that our students graduate with cutting-edge skills, immediately ready to fill any shortages in the industry as it bounces back to pre-pandemic levels. Our close partnership with Riedel helps make this possible.”

A Center Of Excellence

Founded in July 2009, Backstage Academy has developed a reputation as a center of excellence for backstage training. It specializes in undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, short courses and bespoke training programs for the live-event and creative industries. As a Backstage Academy partner, Riedel supplied an Artist digital matrix intercom system and Bolero wireless intercom antennas and beltpacks to the campus, which is part of the Production Park facilities in Yorkshire.

Backstage Academy students used Riedel’s intercom systems during training and in producing their end-of-year showcase, “Live Again.” The livestreamed, theatrical, multistage show told the story of the live-event industry’s struggle through the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Produced in Studio One, Production Park’s largest studio, the ambitious final project put into practice everything that the students have learned during the training program—and pushed their skill sets to the next level.

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