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Canare’s SMPTE Hybrid Fiber Optic (HFO) Cables

With the ever-changing landscape of the media world, having durable, yet easy-to-use equipment is paramount. For videographers and camera operators, even something as simple as a cable can play a vital role. Designed for broadcast and AV professionals, Canare SMPTE Hybrid Fiber Optic (HFO) SMPTE ST304 and ST311 cable assemblies are also available as slim, lightweight and durable tactical solutions, to stand up to the toughest environments.

Popular with major news and sports networks, Canare’s SMPTE HFO cables come standard in 9mm (LF-2SM9N), with 7mm patch cable (LF-2SM7N) and 7mm or 9mm tactical (LF-2SM7T and LF-2SM9T) options also available. Canare designed the cable jacket of the tactical options to have superior flexibility and mechanical properties that provide both crush and impact resistance.

Canare offers two types of tactical HFO SMPTE camera cables. Its standard 9.2mm (LF-2SM9T) is a great upgrade or replacement for standard camera cables and is available in custom lengths of up to 300m. The 7.1mm (LF-2SM7T) is a lightweight alternative, great for patching or shorter cable runs of up to 100m. Both cables offer a 1x O.D. (Outside Diameter) bend radius.

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