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Throughout my AV career I have relied heavily on documentation, making my proposals as detailed as possible. I used a typewriter for the text with charts and graphs…drawings, all done by hand with a ruler, protractor and those little green symbol stencils. In fact, does anybody remember the “Rolling Ruler”? I still have one. I used it on a project for my kids just the other day!

I feel that many of the issues we have in our industry have to do with a lack of standardization, from starting a project (Gathering Information) to Process & Procedure, to closing out a project (and everything in-between).

Below, I have various documents for you to download for your use. I categorized them as follows: Process & Procedure, Sales, Engineering and Operations. Whether you use them “as-is” or they inspire you to create and/or revise your own, how you use them is up to you. They are “free” with the one stipulation that you agree “to do a good job.”

We are a “young” industry compared to others, and if we work together helping each other grow our businesses, it will benefit us, the AV specialist individually, our clients, our employees and the industry as a whole. I believe that what I am doing here (sharing) is good for our industry. (If you want to learn more, read my article “Giving Back…”)

One more thing, please, if you would like to share some of your documents, send them to me for inclusion in the “Readers’ Docs” section, which hopefully can make this more of a community-involved endeavor than a one-way street!

Thank you for your continued readership and support. I sincerely appreciate it!

Process & Procedure


AVCS Bid Process and Procedure – This document outlines some steps I have used in the past to make sure that the right people are involved in the upcoming bid, and at the right time, so that a good decision can be made as to whether you will or will not bid. It works in tandem with the AVCS Initial Bid Work Sheet, below.

AVCS Initial Bid Work Sheet – This document is used by the account manager to make sure that pertinent information is gathered before the team meets to decide on whether to bid or not. It works in tandem with the AVCS Initial Bid Process and Procedure document, above.

Account Manager Questionnaire – Have your account managers complete this form and submit after the project is completed. (make sure they have used the system at least a few times) You will find out if they will refer/hire you again! Simple but critical for your company to grow.

Benefits and Detriments Worksheet – Use this worksheet to make decisions, hopefully “good ones”! Instructions included.



AVCS Church Questionnaire – This document is used to gather information pre-sales, so you can determine the needs and wants of your client. There are many nuances to using this document, I recommend reading the articles I wrote on this where I share my experiences on its use.

AVCS Pre-Sales Project Checklist – I created this document to bridge the gap between large projects that use the full questionnaire vs. small projects that have very little information to gather. This document also helps less experienced account reps to gather more information than they usually do. It’s a couple of years old and can use some updating (4K). I thought I would place it out there anyway! if you use and update it, how about sending a copy to the Readers’ Docs section?



AVCS Cost Work-up – This is the Master project design spreadsheet that I use. It is broken into sections, including subtotals for each section, with overall cost and cost with mark-up (you can adjust the mark-up for each item). The last column is for calculating the size rack(s) you will need—just enter the RUs. I put some placeholder numbers in the spreadsheet to verify it works, and left them…just delete these before you start!

AVCS Engineering Request Form – I developed this document and implemented it after there were just too many times that sales would schedule an engineer for a site survey, or to meet with a client, and we (engineering) were the last to know. This document increased the efficiency of the engineering department without any downside. Simply put, sales and engineering started to work smarter, not harder!

AVCS Meeting Minutes – This is a sample of an actual project I was working on and the Meeting Minutes I distributed. If you do not take and distribute minutes of your meetings, I highly recommend it!

  • If You Want To Learn More: Read my article “Minutes!

AVCS Quote – This is a sample of an actual quote I have used. Adjust your deliverables accordingly. Don’t sell yourself short—always use a quote with your clients!

AVCS Time Sheet – This spread sheet is what I use to personally track my daily hours whether working for myself or for others. It is easily customizable for your needs with just basic Excel knowledge. I highly recommend that you keep track of your hours personally, NOT just using company software.



AVCS Daily Work Sheet – Although this form appears pretty mundane, it has time and time again come in handy for me. It is important to know who is working on the project each and every day…as well as what work was completed that day, and that the client signed-off for the day’s work.

AVCS Installation Procedures – Although some of these suggestions may be dated, I have found that setting expectations for those that represent you in the field will clarify what they should and should not do before they leave the office, when they arrive on site, during their day on site, and before they leave the site each and every day.

Manufacturers’ Docs

Induction Loop Technology Questionnaire – Use in the head end of a project where you, or your client, are considering Inductive Loop Technology for an Assistive Listening system. Use in conjunction with the Answer Key to help determine if induction loop technology is the right way to go. Provided by Williams Sound; technical support at 800.843.3544.

Induction Loop Technology Questionnaire Answer KeyUse this document in conjunction with the completed Induction Loop Technology Questionnaire to help guide you in establishing whether induction loop technology is right for this particular application…Coming Soon.

Loop Technology Design Guide – This is a comprehensive guide to many of the issues and facts you will need to know if you are considering selling/installing a Loop Technology Assistive Listening System. Note:  It is NOT a replacement for taking a Loop Technology Training Course. Provided by Williams Sound; technical support at 800.843.3544.

Readers’ Docs


Recommended Pre-Qualifications for Data-Cable Installers working in AV – As more data-cabling contractors enter the AV systems integration market, the following pre-qualifications of basic skills and tools are suggested for the individual data-cable technicians installing the systems. Please send any comments or questions to Phil Cartier (

Check back soon for more updates!

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All documents designed and/or revised by Douglas Kleeger, CTS-D, DMC-E/S, XTP-E, KCD ( You are welcome to use these documents as is, or use them as a “basis of design” for you to customize for your specific needs. The only condition is that you agree to do a good job.

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