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Navori Labs Acquires Innes’ PlugnCast Dynamic Display Software Business

Innes, however, will retain control of its hardware business.

Navori Labs has acquired the PlugnCast software business of Innes. Innes is a French company that specializes in dynamic display solutions in corporate and government communications. The acquisition will strengthen Navori Labs’ business development in France. Moreover, it will allow Navori Labs to market and sell Innes’ dynamic display solutions globally.

Innes will retain control of its hardware business. That business includes a range of media players and meeting-room signage solutions. However, Navori Labs and Innes have established a strategic alliance to promote Innes’ hardware solutions internationally. As part of this agreement, Innes will retain its established network of distributors and resellers. That network will work in partnership with a France-based Navori Labs team.

Dynamic Display Solutions

Founded in 2005, Innes offers dynamic display solutions that combine hardware and software. In fact, the company boasts 29,000 screens installed in France and Germany. Beginning at the end of this year, Navori Labs will offer a range of dynamic display solutions designed for the global mass market that leverage Innes’ PlugnCast software.

“We at Navori Labs were impressed by the quality and reliability of Innes’ hardware upon evaluation,” Jerome Moeri, Chairman, CEO and Founder of Navori Labs, said. “The two companies will collaborate on the development of innovative solutions and their international promotion through the network of offices [that] Navori Labs has established in Europe, America and Asia over the past 10 years.” Moeri added, “Innes’ transition of its PlugnCast software to Navori Labs will take 12 months. This acquisition will give us the opportunity to share our respective expertise in hardware and software. And, [it will] bring enhanced benefits to our clients.”

“We will be able to concentrate on the development of our hardware business while ensuring continuity of support and maintenance of PlugnCast software for our clients, as well as support for the transition to Navori QL,” Franck Dupin, President of Innes, added. “Innes will continue to enrich its media players with new functionalities, and we will offer a wide range of innovative digital signage products in France and abroad.”

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