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Solutionz Inc. Builds Team Of Cybersecurity Experts; Launches Solutionz Security

solutionz security by solutionz inc

Solutionz, Inc., has launched Solutionz Security, a full-service cybersecurity firm. According to the company, it’s dedicated to strengthening the cybersecurity posture for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) nationwide. Solutionz Security originated from a need to provide cybersecurity protection for the customers of its sister company, Solutionz, Inc., a top-10 audiovisual integrator in the US. Solutionz saw that cybersecurity-related attacks were growing. The increase of ransomware, supply-chain attacks and threats to Internet of Things (IoT) devices places even small organizations at risk. Hackers frequently exploit backdoors in smart-TV firmware or software, telecommunications equipment and cameras.

Logical Crossover

Bill Warnick, CEO, described the logical crossover from an AV-specific cybersecurity division to the need for a sister company focused on full cybersecurity programs. He said, “If you think about internet traffic that you have through communication, it is no different than data. The same mechanisms that monitor communication, monitor IoT traffic. There is an easy bridge that we are creating over that chasm.”

Shawn Fernandez, VP of Business Development and leader of the initiative to develop Solutionz Security, explained that there are many layers to cybersecurity. He said, “We created Solutionz Security to have 100-percent focus on cybersecurity. We took two years to develop our team of partners—experts who understand the complexities of cybersecurity both from the MSP’s [managed service provider’s] and from the customer’s perspectives.”

Partnering with leading cybersecurity firms, Solutionz Security has developed a comprehensive Defense Posture Assessment (DPA) to address every aspect of an organization’s digital footprint: people, processes and technology.

‘Selling More Than Tools’

Fernandez described the difference in Solutionz Security’s approach. He said, “We are selling more than tools. We come into an organization and address their current defense posture.” Fernandez continued, “The best money spent is the money already spent on your cybersecurity. We want to build upon your success. We do not come in and say that we need to rip and replace your current solutions because our product is better. We look at what an organization has already done…the efforts already put in. We then assess the gaps that exist and formulate a plan, prioritizing the largest and most risky gaps, and then we solve for that.”

Warnick emphasized the importance of making cybersecurity simple for customers. “Cybersecurity does not have be hard,” he stressed. The quality of the assessment and managed services allow customers to feel confident that their digital landscapes are understood and protected, without requiring them to have in-depth knowledge of cybersecurity. Solutionz Security’s protections meet and document the various compliance requirements for payments, as well as for healthcare, corporate and government organizations’ diverse needs.

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