Media Networking, Abstract

Industry POV: Open Control In Media Networking

How AES70 is completing the solution.0 115
Business, IT/AV

The Dominoes Will Fall: Predictions For The New Year

My top 10 predictions for 2021.0 849
Audio, Installations, IT/AV, Video

Cresa Phoenix: UC In The Age Of COVID-19

Cresa’s audio- and videoconferencing upgrade prioritizes office safety and clear communication.0 1573
Audio, Digital Signage, Installations, IT/AV, Video

Globe Life Field: Unique Stadium Ready For Unique World Series

The home of the Texas Rangers and the 2020 MLB playoffs proves AV is key to live sports.0 1959
Hybrid Classroom
Audio, IT/AV

Hybrid Classroom Design Requires Meeting Where The People Are

The virtual participant has to become the priority.0 869
Digital Signage, IT/AV

Digital Signage In A Post-COVID-19 World

The next retail experience, shaped by the online experience.0 684
Displays, Video Displays
Digital Signage, IT/AV

Industry POV: The Rapidly Evolving World Of Displays

Helping manage transformation in a post-COVID-19 world.0 642
Video Calls
IT/AV, Video

Industry POV: Video Calls In A Post-COVID-19 World

Re-examining this technology and its new relationship with smart work.0 1051

Industry POV: The Trifecta Of IoT, UC And AV

Managed-service providers and the age of Digital Transformation.0 756
IT/AV Report
Issues, IT/AV

IT/AV Report: Fall 2020

In our latest IT/AV Report, we delve into hybrid classroom design, rapid evolution of displays and more.0 3093

Industry POV: An Integrator’s Perspective Of The Post-COVID-19 World

The nature of the office. Many business leaders thought that allowing employees to work from home would result in uncontrolled … 0 1478
Team-Collaboration Apps

Industry POV: Team-Collaboration Apps

Keeping a diverse workforce connected.0 704
Microphones, Post-COVID-19 world
Audio, IT/AV

Microphones In The Post-COVID-19 World

The need for adaptation and strategies for safety.0 2241
New Safe Normal
Digital Signage, IT/AV, Video

Industry POV: The New, Safe Normal

As employees head back into the office, affordable, scalable wireless presentation systems will help maintain social distancing while keeping ideas flowing.0 1189
Immersive Experiences
IT/AV, Video

Bringing Immersive Experiences To You

New opportunities for AR, VR and MR have emerged from the pandemic.0 976
Next Normal, IoT
Business, IT/AV

IoT: Speculating About Technology In ‘The Next Normal’

Changes resulting from COVID-19 won’t disappear when a vaccine emerges. 0 1130
Next Normal
Business, IT/AV

IoT: The Next Normal

What the world could look like in 2021 and beyond.0 720
Home Office

Home-Office System Commissioning

If you went through the AV9000 commissioning checklist, you could find several very helpful items that would improve the operation of your home office—both for you and for your far ends.0 737
Law, Scales of justice

From The Eye Of The Law

Walking the line of reasonable expectations. Editor’s Note: This article does not constitute legal advice. You should consult an attorney … 0 1037
Immersive Display Technologies
Digital Signage, IT/AV, Video

Key Trends In Immersive Display Technologies And Experiences

Consumer expectations are in flux. How can immersive display technologies help forge a stronger bridge between physical and digital spaces?0 1120
Business, IT/AV

Five Collaboration Trends To Watch In 2020 And Beyond

Short-term COVID-19 adaptations dovetail with larger industry transformations.0 1330
IT/AV, Video

Live Video Editing: A New Way To Host Engaging Webinars And Video Meetings

We’re now entering chapter two of “The History of Business Video,” where the flexibility of video technology allows us to … 0 851
Issues, IT/AV

IT/AV Report: Spring 2020

This edition of IT/AV Report focuses on the AV component of collaboration, as well as how the industry is faring during the COVID-19 health crisis.0 2641
Audio, IT/AV, Video

IPMX: Building An Open Standard For An AV-Over-IP Future

The IPMX set of standards and specifications brings a unique value proposition.0 1443
Visual collaboration, videoconferencing

Viewpoint: Visual Collaboration

Is visual collaboration as good as being there, or better than being there?0 1282
Digital Signage
Digital Signage, IT/AV

Digital Signage’s Growing Role In The AV World

If you want to maintain strong positioning, you have to expand your knowledge base.0 1176
Audio, Installations, IT/AV

Milan: A Foundation For The Future Of Pro Audio

The latest Milan developments and updates, along with real-world applications.0 974
Legal, Gavel, ClearOne
Business, IT/AV

Walking The Line Of Reasonable Expectations

As our technology portfolios grow, so, too, does potential legal exposure.0 449
Business, IT/AV

Will COVID-19 Be The Tipping Point For Technology Over Travel?

Event cancellations could inspire accelerated adoption of remote-collaboration alternatives.0 815
Tablet, Unified Communications

Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) And Virtualization Are Today’s Reality

A primer on how we’re all adapting to UC platforms and their benefits to keep the world going.0 943
Is AV In For A Reordering?
Business, IT/AV

Is AV In For A Reordering?

Insights gleaned from the final ISE in Amsterdam. As I write these words, it’s that time of year again—that time … 0 591
AI Machine Gumm Design
Business, IT/AV

Choose Wisely By Choosing Quality

A look at technology building blocks and the consumerization of enterprise. This past January, I found myself wandering through the … 0 792
Audio, IT/AV, News, Video

Trendspotting At ISE 2020

Amsterdam’s last ISE show helped set the tone for the commercial AV industry.0 846
Audio, Installations, IT/AV, Video

Nothing But Net

Texas A&M Athletics networks eight sports-complex venues.0 1077
Audio, Installations, IT/AV, Video

Globally Connected

Intuit’s corporate campuses around the world rely on networked videoconferencing.0 1193
IT/AV, News, Newsletter

AIMS ProAV Working Group To Unveil IPMX Standards And Specifications For AV Over IP

At Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2020, the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) ProAV Working Group will introduce Internet Protocol Media Experience (IPMX).0 1168
IT/AV, Video

Hunting For The Perfect Wireless Presentation System?

What integrators and tech managers should keep in mind when specifying a wireless presentation system.0 1245

A New Day

Will new collaboration-space entrants mean the end of locked-in room devices?0 465
Audio, IT/AV

No UC And Collaboration Without Good Audio

The laws of physics break for no one.0 1184

Reporting And Data Analytics

Turn big data into big ROI.0 955
IT/AV, Video

A Brief History Of The Future Of Videoconferencing

Our personal and professional lives are about to change.0 982
Issues, IT/AV

IT/AV Report Fall 2019

What the future holds for unified communications and collaboration is featured in our fall edition of IT/AV Report.0 2524
Audio, IT/AV

Making Milan Together

An update on the networking protocol.0 863

The Beginning Of The End For Purpose-Built Collaboration Devices?

Revisiting this important question with fresh eyes.0 2427
Audio, IT/AV

IoT Devices And Pro Audio

The next big thing is happening now.0 1500

The End Of Purpose-Built Collaboration Devices?

The answer might not be as clear-cut as we think.0 652

Data Lake

An AV tech's guide to swimming in a deluge of data.0 1074

IT/AV Report Spring 2019

In our Spring IT/AV Report, we offer a guide to swimming in a deluge of data and explore how collaboration technology is expanding possibilities inside and outside of the classroom.0 1167
Business, IT/AV

Trends That Will Shape The AV Industry

Encouragingly, many have already begun to adapt and embrace change.0 1208

Getting Up To Speed For An AVoIP Future, Part 3

The IT manager and you.0 1163
Audio, IT/AV

An Introduction To Milan

The new AV network protocol for the industry, by the industry.0 4870

The IoT Is Transforming Our World

What is the role of tomorrow’s technology manager?0 1164

A Question Of Standards

SMPTE ST 2110 deserves attention in the commercial AV world.0 1579

Getting Up To Speed For An AVoIP Future, Part 2

The Open Systems Interconnection model (OSI model) breaks down networking into seven different layers to describe what happens in any network.0 2111

The Wonderful World Of Wireless

How it will come to dominate content distribution.0 1521

Getting Up To Speed For An AVoIP Future, Part 1

An idealized scenario teases out the potential benefits.0 2415

Connecting Diverse Communities

The Portal global art installation bridges cultural divides with UC technology.0 1601
James Lasher, Director Audio Visual Technologies, CA Technologies Mike Walsh, CEO, DGI Technologies Scott Wharton, VP & GM, Video Collaboration, Logitech David Maldow, Founder and CEO, LetsDoVideo Martin Bodley, Founder and CEO, ZiipRoom

Huddle Room Deployment: A Webinar On Trends, Faux Pas and Fresh Approaches To Effective Huddle Room Collaboration

Watch the Full Webinar Here (via Zoom) Some say the old guard are stuck in their ways. Others think millennials … 0 2025

Come Together, Right Now, Over UC

Manufacturers and service providers are partnering up to gain market share.0 1454

User-Centric Solutions

Walk a mile in their shoes.0 1217

SMPTE ST 2110 Standards For Professional-Media-Over-IP Networks

The professional media industry’s movement toward one common IP-based mechanism is being enabled, in large part, by the SMPTE ST 2110 Professional Media Over Managed IP Networks standards suite.0 1990

The Opportunity Of IP Is Now

Cost savings and freedom are within reach.0 927
As seen in this CAD rendering, The Box Garden stage features a huge, 6mm-pixel-pitch LED videowall.
Installations, IT/AV

Live, Eat, Work, Play!

Legacy Hall’s tech-enabled, curated live-performance venue.0 2903
Three factors enable high-performance networking.

AES67 Standard For Network Interoperability

High-performance streaming of audio-over-IP.0 3539

Networked Display Systems In Government

Cultivating effective communication in government facilities and public works command centers.0 1900

Network Segregation?

The IT versus audiovisual war seems over. Guess who lost.0 1734

PoE Advances Spell Opportunity

New IEEE standards and PoE emergence in AV systems design.0 1423

Industry Outlook On Emerging Technologies

Business applications of VR/AR and AI are on the rise. 0 1346

The Upside Of Uptime

How can extended warranties, service contracts and service level agreements enhance solutions?0 1292
Visitors wave in unison, activating the LED façade and becoming experientially linked to the building, inside the Dream Cube.

Engaging The Senses

How ‘experience design’ interfaces with physical space through multiple senses.0 1569
DOOH Programmatic Ad Buying Ecosystem

DPAA Establishes Programmatic Guidelines

Common standards to facilitate transactions.0 2480
Source: OAAA

Digital Out-Of-Home Drivers And Headwinds

Viewer data and client problem-solving skills are essential for success.0 1706

Truly Sustainable Solutions

Whether you’re working on a managed digital signage network or planning to offer AV-as-a-Service, it’s necessary to look to the future.0 1114

Networked AV Fortifies Simulated Learning Environment

Blessing-Rieman College invests in AV-over-IP to enhance healthcare education.0 3051
One of the “Bruce” carts that LVHN deploys to rooms that don’t yet have installed AV systems, which are covered by the AICU’s monitoring network.

Healthcare On The Network

Streaming and integrated AV aid critical care at LVHN.0 1748

IP Signal Distribution

Introducing and comparing Dante, AVB/TSN and CobraNet. Part 20 2315

Analyzing Analytics

I’ve got all this data…now what?0 1529

Days Of Future Passed

The AV-over-IT revolution is nearly unparalleled in its profoundness.0 1700

IP Signal Distribution

Introducing and comparing Dante, AVB/TSN and CobraNet. Part 10 3201

A Whole New Ball Game

AV-over-IT is here, and everything is changing.0 1706

AV-Over-IP Brings Big Opportunity – Part 2

Who’s looking at your information, and where are they keeping it?0 1578

AV-Over-IP Brings Big Opportunity – Part 1

New products meet demand, but they can expose vulnerabilities.0 1730

AV Over IP’s Time Has Come

Not embracing it would be the wrong choice.0 1725
The HDBaseT 5Play feature set: audio and video, Ethernet, control signals, USB and power.

HDBaseT-IP Leading The Packet

This technology is well positioned to simplify installations and optimize content distribution.0 3466

Coming To America

The push toward globalization goes both ways: Not only are many US companies looking abroad for new opportunities, but dozens … 0 1413
IT/AV, Video

4K Video—All The Way?

Ready or not, distributed 4K video is here.0 2690
Custom-built table pockets were provided to avoid alterations to existing hole openings in conference tables.

Nonstop Non-Profit

IP-based retrofit boosts efficiency.0 1694
Ad-hoc meeting spaces dubbed “Neighborhood” or “Jump In” provide quick and simple AV connections for collaboration.
Installations, IT/AV

New HQ For United Way Of Central Indiana

Technology empowers team to achieve goals.0 2228
A large conference room, featuring 84-inch display and control system to switch video inputs between table input, wireless connection and inputs from the 32x32 video switcher for the Vignettes, just outside the door.
Installations, IT/AV

Demonstrating Digital Empowerment

Atos opens North American headquarters.0 2854

Emerging Trends In Collaboration

Multiple trends in the collaboration space are changing the game for manufacturers, resellers and end users.0 1841

Reflections On InfoComm

The migration to AV over IT continues.0 891

Evolution Of Wireless

Understanding 802.11ac and why it means more cabling in enterprise networks.0 1499

AV Signals Over An IT Network Is The Future. Make Sure Your Network Hardware Is Fast Enough!

At the recent Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) show, announcements were made about a new “alliance” to promote AV signal transport … 0 1987

The What And When Of IP Signal Distribution

For years, we have been hearing about the coming together of the AV industry and IT (Information Technology). Initially, IT … 0 2115

Connecting IoT & AV Revolution

IT and AV working together becomes even more important.0 2406

Touch & Collaborate

Will the latest IWB craze finally result in widespread enterprise adoption?0 1764
Photographic portraiture is used as stimulus for creative narrative writing. The ability to expand the image encourages these 14-year-olds to focus on details.

Wonder Encourages Discovery

Young students are exposed to interactive and collaborative learning.0 1362
Deep-learning-enabled AI with machine vision can provide quantifiable detection of a wide range of emotions.

Artificial Intelligence Is On The Rise

Are you ready for the Turing Test?0 1656
The SDVoE API offers a standard platform to speed application development.

A Platform Standard For AV Over IP

Software-defined video over Ethernet. 0 2034

A Wall You Can Get Into

Marriott Hotels introduced a bold new concept in hospitality with the launch of its Art of Innovation Wall.0 1506
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