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NSCA Talks Planned Succession, Pivot to Profit (P2P) Conference

Last week, Sound & Communications reported that NSCA underwent a leadership transition. Tom LeBlanc has been appointed the new Executive Director, succeeding Chuck Wilson. Wilson, however, is very much not retiring. He will serve as CEO of NSCA, and he will devote increased attention to the NSCA Education Foundation and its works. To learn more about this planned succession, as well as NSCA’s upcoming Pivot to Profit (P2P) event, Sound & Communications’ Editor, Dan Ferrisi, chatted with LeBlanc and Wilson earlier this week.

Wilson emphasized that NSCA has been planning this leadership transition for several years. He explained that LeBlanc, who has been associated with the industry for well over a decade, has the skill set and integrator relationships to carry on NSCA’s mission. Prior to joining NSCA in January 2020, LeBlanc was Editor of a trade magazine covering the industry. His initial role with NSCA was Director of Industry Outreach and Media Channels.

Pivot To Profit

LeBlanc and Wilson are collaborating closely on P2P, which is scheduled for September 21 and 22 in Atlanta GA. They both described it as a “business-transformation” event. Thus, its purpose is to give integrators ideas for how to transform their firms to make them more profitable and future-ready.

Topics that presenters will address include becoming a managed-services provider, the value of recurring monthly revenue, emerging innovations and how they will affect commercial AV opportunities, and much more. During the interview, LeBlanc highlighted a few sessions about which he is particularly excited.

Check out Sound & Communications’ video interview to get all the details about the speakers booked and the schedule of events that NSCA curated. Then, if you want to participate in P2P, go to the registration page and sign up. For NSCA members, the fee is $295; for non-members, the fee is $495.

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