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Livestreaming Issues For Houses Of Worship

‘Houston…our livestream is a mess.’0 244
House Of Worship, Video

Industry POV: Maximizing Video Deployments In Worship Facilities

In a network-centric world, different techniques and new approaches are critical.0 445
Audio, House Of Worship, Installations

Fellowship Church: Embracing Contemporary Worship Styles

Fellowship Church Frisco and its satellite locations deliver a seamless experience.0 1084
House of Worship, Religion, COVID-19
House Of Worship

COVID-19 And The House Of Worship (HoW) Market

Our spiritual lives are being disrupted, just as our personal and professional lives are.0 545
Church of the Resurrection
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Church of the Resurrection: Big AV Makes For Intimate Worship

Church of the Resurrection reaches more, feels smaller than original sanctuary.0 1231
House Of Worship, Installations

Balancing The Broadcast And The In-Venue Experience

CSD Group designed the Summit Church’s Capital Hills campus with the needs of both audiences in mind.0 772
House Of Worship

From The Parking Lot To The Pew, Part 2

It’s time to be vigilant.0 857
House Of Worship

From The Parking Lot To The Pew, Part 1

A time to be vigilant.0 878
House Of Worship

Design And Integration

One-stop shops...and include the kitchen sink!0 1171
House Of Worship

Turning ‘No’ Into ‘Yes’

Church of the Highlands overcomes technological limitations with digital audio.0 1950
Audio, House Of Worship, Installations

Visual Wonder, Audio Challenge

Church of the Presentation’s expansion is a great success, despite acoustical obstacles.0 1604
House Of Worship

From The Ground Up

First Baptist Covington’s new worship space was designed to foster a feeling of community.0 1520
Middleton Community Church
House Of Worship

Moments Of Clarity

Middleton Community Church’s upgraded audio delights growing, vibrant congregation.0 1495
House Of Worship

New Sound Technologies, Same Old Challenges

Although nobody wants ‘oopses,’ they can help us empathize together.0 1731
Hunter Street Baptist Church
House Of Worship

Lift Up Your Voice

Hunter Street Baptist Church prioritizes clear, consistent sound.0 2506
House Of Worship

Branding Your Worship

The world is your congregation.0 1913
House Of Worship

New Worship Styles, New Worship Spaces

Worship styles have changed significantly during the past 20 years. Historically, in the Christian faith, there was a clear distinction … 0 1511
House Of Worship

Satellite Launch

Christ Church adopts a multisite strategy as it opens its first satellite campus.0 1650
House Of Worship

Using Video Displays For Worship: Part 2

With a better understanding of what is going on in HoWs that are using media technologies, particularly video display systems, AV professionals can develop better and more effective ways to help leaders make wise purchasing decisions.0 1262
House Of Worship

Using Video Displays For Worship: Part 1

What is going on?0 1045
House Of Worship

Stage And Screen

Northview Church's video backdrop creates an immersive worship experience at its home and satellite campuses.0 1693
House Of Worship

Eagle Church Figures Out High And Wide Sound

Fan-shaped seating designs create coverage challenges...and innovative solutions.0 1273
live streaming
House Of Worship

Live Streaming Worship

Live streaming is a topic of debate among house of worship (HoW) leaders around the world. 0 3279
House Of Worship

When A Plan Comes Together

FBC Texarkana’s aesthetic upgrade and AVL overhaul coordinated efforts between several contractors and trades, including two integrators.0 1994

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