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House Of Worship

Houses Of Worship Are Opening

Houses of Worship are finally beginning to reopen after the COVID-19 shutdown, but will congregants be returning to Sunday Service?0 291
Religious Education Centers, Stained Glass
House Of Worship

Religious Education Centers In The Time Of COVID-19

Rather than focusing only on the sanctuary, try to see the big picture.0 267
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Taking The Next Step In Worship Streaming

Simple solutions for helping houses of worship improve their basic streaming setups and create more engaging online content.0 1030
LIFE Church in New Zealand, Hybrid worship services
House Of Worship

Industry POV: The Era Of Hybrid Worship Services

Next-generation sound systems are well suited to emerging trends.0 837
Faith United Methodist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Audio System
Audio, House Of Worship

Industry POV: The New Needs For Audio Systems In Houses Of Worship

Controlling sound reflections and expanding audio to additional spaces.0 752
Meeting Post-Pandemic Expectations
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Praying To Meet Post-Pandemic Expectations

When COVID-19 ends, things will not simply revert to the old ways.0 596
Creating Video for Worship Livestreams
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Industry POV: Technology Tips For Creating Impactful Worship Livestreams

Consider your camera choice and placement carefully, and take volunteer operators into account.0 525
First Lutheran Church in Fargo, MD
Audio, House Of Worship, Installations

First Lutheran Church: Bridging Modern And Traditional Worship

Team planning creates futureproof systems for First Lutheran Church’s campus services and streaming.0 1212
FCC, Are your wireless microphones legal?
Audio, House Of Worship

Industry POV: Are Your Wireless Microphones Legal?

Still own systems that can operate in the 600MHz or 700MHz bands? Read this!0 1112
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House Of Worship

Production For Houses Of Worship In 2021

We’ve come a long way in a year.0 566
Stained Glass, Worship Center AV Survey
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Sound & Communications Launches Annual Worship Survey

The Worship Center AV Survey report explores the pandemic-affected worship landscape.0 559
Horizon, Worship Leaders See Concerns on the Horizon
House Of Worship

Worship Leaders Eye Concerns On The Horizon

HoW leaders are eyeing news developments carefully.0 572
Path, Sunny Path, New Path for Worship Leaders
House Of Worship

Keep Moving Forward: A New Path For Worship Leaders

The COVID-19 crisis has illuminated a new path for worship leaders.0 437
Worship leaders are hosting virtual sermons during COVID-19
House Of Worship

A Prognosis In The Time Of COVID-19, Part 2

Opportunities abound, even as concerns swirl in worship leaders’ minds.0 725
House Of Worship

A Prognosis In The Time Of COVID-19, Part 1

Worship leaders have to juggle many concerns. The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to wreak havoc in nearly every aspect of … 0 886
HoW, Cleaning, COVID, Safe Worship Spaces
House Of Worship

Creating Clean, Safe Worship Spaces

Best practices for cleaning HoWs amid COVID-19.0 1323
Hunter Street Baptist Church
House Of Worship, Installations, Video

Futureproofed Streaming-Ready Worship

Hunter Street Baptist Church establishes 12G and 4K-capable foundation.0 2478
Audio, House Of Worship, Installations, Video

Keeping Communities Connected

Discovery Church’s new broadcast facility brings satellite campuses and socially distanced worshippers together.0 3048
Livestreaming, Church
House Of Worship, Video

Livestreaming Is ‘Live’ Again, Part 1

Yet more changes in the time of COVID-19.0 1218
Church, Livestream
House Of Worship, Video

Livestreaming Issues For Houses Of Worship

‘Houston…our livestream is a mess.’0 1169
House Of Worship, Video

Industry POV: Maximizing Video Deployments In Worship Facilities

In a network-centric world, different techniques and new approaches are critical.0 1093
Audio, House Of Worship, Installations

Fellowship Church: Embracing Contemporary Worship Styles

Fellowship Church Frisco and its satellite locations deliver a seamless experience.0 2329
House of Worship, Religion, COVID-19
House Of Worship

COVID-19 And The House Of Worship (HoW) Market

Our spiritual lives are being disrupted, just as our personal and professional lives are.0 1379
Church of the Resurrection
Audio, House Of Worship, Installations, Video

Church of the Resurrection: Big AV Makes For Intimate Worship

Church of the Resurrection reaches more, feels smaller than original sanctuary.0 3002
Sound & Communications July 2021 digital edition
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