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High Energy In The Office Space

Aspect Energy creates 'wow' factor for its new headquarters.0 291

Protecting Student Privacy With Sound Masking

Sound masking at the university level: far beyond the library.0 530
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Industry POV: Remote Conferencing In The COVID-19 Era

Touchless audio solutions are becoming increasingly important.0 594
Drive-In Events

Industry POV: Audio Best Practices For Hosting Successful Drive-In Events

This throwback pastime is trending as a way to gather safely during the pandemic.0 812
Hospitality Integrations, Ashly Audio
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Industry POV: What Hospitality Integrations Now Require

Nimble, short-term solutions must transform into long-term upgrades.0 446
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Cresa Phoenix: UC In The Age Of COVID-19

Cresa’s audio- and videoconferencing upgrade prioritizes office safety and clear communication.0 1566
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Globe Life Field: Unique Stadium Ready For Unique World Series

The home of the Texas Rangers and the 2020 MLB playoffs proves AV is key to live sports.0 1956
Hybrid Classroom
Audio, IT/AV

Hybrid Classroom Design Requires Meeting Where The People Are

The virtual participant has to become the priority.0 866
Mount Airy Resort and Casino
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Betting On The AV: Mount Airy Casino Resort

Mount Airy Casino Resort emphasizes AV to drive deluxe sportsbook and poker room.0 1149
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AVIXA POV: Venues In A Socially Distant World

Commercial AV helps enable virtual engagement.0 617
Steven Tanger Center
Audio, Installations

Steven Tanger Center: Grand-Scale Networking Entertains

The Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts delivers top-tier technology experience.0 1357
Sound & Communications
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Happy Money: Modern Corporate AV Technologies Unite

Advanced technical and eye-catching AV communications at Happy Money’s corporate campus.0 1570
Microphones, Post-COVID-19 world
Audio, IT/AV

Microphones In The Post-COVID-19 World

The need for adaptation and strategies for safety.0 2233
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Keeping Communities Connected

Discovery Church’s new broadcast facility brings satellite campuses and socially distanced worshippers together.0 1890
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Industry POV: Getting System Participants To Work In Harmony

Transparency, open collaboration build loyalty and earn repeat business.0 808
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MLB Opens Season With Installed Sound Systems Piping In Crowd Noise

Major League Baseball (MLB) is set to begin an abridged, 60-game regular-season schedule in earnest today, following months of delays resulting from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).0 737

Industry POV: Licensed Music In Retail And Beyond

An opportunity to grow and differentiate by delivering immersive, delightful experiences.0 925
Audio, Business

Industry POV: How BYOD Fosters Engagement

A look at the future of sound and communication.0 1062
McFarland Performing Arts Center
Audio, Installations, Video

Cultural Hub For Performing Arts

The McFarland Performing Arts Center serves high-school and community culture.0 989
Gateway Center Arena
Audio, Digital Signage, Installations, Video

Gateway Center Arena Opens New Doors

New Atlanta-area minor-league arena reflects how smaller sports venues are meeting larger expectations with sound and video.0 1749
Mobile County, AV Install
Audio, Installations, Video

Mobile County: Creating a More Secure School With AVL Integration

Mobile County sets the standard for modern school security using audio, video and lighting tech.0 1442
Columbus Zoo
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Industry POV: AV Needs For Single-Use Attractions

Large, expansive installations need not be problematic if networked AV is deployed.0 805
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IPMX: Building An Open Standard For An AV-Over-IP Future

The IPMX set of standards and specifications brings a unique value proposition.0 1441
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Hybrid, Flexible Learning At UCLA

UCLA’s Marion Anderson Hall gets down to business with cutting-edge AV.0 1611
Audio, Installations, IT/AV

Milan: A Foundation For The Future Of Pro Audio

The latest Milan developments and updates, along with real-world applications.0 973
Audio, House Of Worship, Installations

Fellowship Church: Embracing Contemporary Worship Styles

Fellowship Church Frisco and its satellite locations deliver a seamless experience.0 1850
Speakers, Sound Systems

Aging Gracefully: What Is The Expected Operational Life Of A Sound System?

What is the expected operational life of a sound system?0 1793
Church of the Resurrection
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Church of the Resurrection: Big AV Makes For Intimate Worship

Church of the Resurrection reaches more, feels smaller than original sanctuary.0 2006

Steerable Audio For Unconventional Attractions

More impressive, immersive attractions mean greater business success for all. The definition of an “attraction” has expanded in the past … 0 692
Although frequently cut from building budgets, it has become increasingly indispensable.

Sound Masking: Savior Of Privacy And Productivity?

Although frequently cut from building budgets, it has become increasingly indispensable.0 960
Projection screens behind the lanes and LED TVs above mean bowlers won’t miss a second of the action, whether they’re watching music videos or March Madness.
Audio, Installations, Video

Retail Challenge, Attraction Solution: All-Star Bowling & Entertainment delivers immersive AV systems, revitalizing retail environment.

All-Star Bowling & Entertainment delivers immersive AV systems, revitalizing retail environment.0 822
Grammy Museum
Audio, Digital Signage, Installations, Video

Music History Meets Experiential AV: Updates to the Grammy Museum

Updates to the GRAMMY Museum include immersive sound and interactive experiences.0 1412

AES Nashville Leaders Share Quarantine-Driven Online Education Plan

As the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic forces social isolation, educators are scrambling to apply available technology to online instruction to … 0 828
Government, Law

There Oughta Be A Law: The Entreaties Of Hard-Of-Hearing Citizens

Government agencies are listening to and acting on the entreaties of hard-of-hearing citizens.0 859
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Government And Transportation AV Sees Steady Transition And Progress

The landscape for AV integration in the government vertical is vastly different today as compared to just a decade ago.0 1326
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Trendspotting At ISE 2020

Amsterdam’s last ISE show helped set the tone for the commercial AV industry.0 844
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Nothing But Net

Texas A&M Athletics networks eight sports-complex venues.0 1075
Audio, Installations, IT/AV, Video

Globally Connected

Intuit’s corporate campuses around the world rely on networked videoconferencing.0 1192
Audio, Installations

Major-League Sound

Dignity Health Sports Park invests in audio for a better fan experience.0 2348
Audio, IT/AV

No UC And Collaboration Without Good Audio

The laws of physics break for no one.0 1183

Audio In Today’s Commercial AV Applications

The time has come for a loudspeaker revolution.0 1057
Audio, Business

Finding The RF Sweet Spot For Wireless Intercoms

Can wireless equipment be migrated outside the UHF band?0 764
Audio, Installations, Video

Mission Accomplished

Denver’s new Mission Ballroom brings events and hospitality to a new level.0 2998
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Making Milan Together

An update on the networking protocol.0 861
Audio, IT/AV

IoT Devices And Pro Audio

The next big thing is happening now.0 1498
Audio, Video

Auditorium AV: Networked And Immersive

An overview of modern applications for presentation.0 1332

Using Microphones In Theatrical Environments

A primer on key considerations for effective stage mic’ing.0 5648
Audio, Video

The Journey Toward A Distraction-Free Open Office

Expect to hear a lot more about biophilia in the coming years.0 1315
Audio, House Of Worship, Installations

Visual Wonder, Audio Challenge

Church of the Presentation’s expansion is a great success, despite acoustical obstacles.0 1895
Audio, Digital Signage

High Flyin’

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport undergoes extensive upgrades.0 2293
Audio, IT/AV

An Introduction To Milan

The new AV network protocol for the industry, by the industry.0 4867

Quieter Is Healthier

Sound absorption can be a critical component of promoting wellness.0 1046

Audio Networking In Smaller Spaces

You don't need a huge venue to realize big benefits.0 1355

Maintaining Masking

Looking after the equipment...and the effect.0 1632

The Next Two Years Under The New Wireless Spectrum

Looking at potential effects on wireless microphones and communications devices. 0 3189

A Word In Your Ear

Although I already have something along the lines of 200 technical audio and acoustics books, I am always on the … 0 1710

Sound In Space

Taking inspiration from the arts.0 3865

Playing Zone

The reality is that, to compete in the hospitality space, integrators have to “play zone.” 0 2094

Auctioned-Off 600MHz Spectrum Already Being Occupied

As a result of the FCC's incentive auction in April 2017, wireless microphone systems that operate in the auctioned spectrum (617MHz to 652MHz and 663MHz to 698MHz) must cease operation in the auctioned-off spectrum.0 1632

Louder Isn’t Necessarily Better

The needs of hard-of-hearing people are complex and multifaceted.0 2325

Considerations For Critical Wireless Communications

Technologies, applications and the RF landscape are all evolving.0 974
Audio, Business

Voice Control Capabilities Enter The Workplace

Once-fantastical dreams are coming closer and closer to reality.0 2179

The Case Of The Distorted Audio

Trust your instincts…and your established procedures!0 2568
Figure 1. Projected coverage cones for ceiling loudspeaker system.

Under Cover

There’s more to obtaining even loudspeaker coverage than meets the eye. Part 10 2215

Occupational Hazards

The effect that audiences and people can have on sound system performance. Part 20 2341
Figure 1.

No Time For Complacency

Reserved channel for wireless microphones is pending before the FCC.0 1308

Reversing The ABCs Of Acoustics

Using sound masking as a design platform.0 3518

The Evolution Of Sound Masking

From a “necessary evil” to a critical, but challenging, solution.0 3054

Look Who Finally Showed Up!

A look at acoustically delayed audio.0 1725

Occupational Hazards

Exploring the effects audiences can have on sound-system performance. Part 10 3113

‘Invisible’ No Longer

Staying current on assistive-listening legislation and hearing-loop installation standards.0 1844

Scaling The Wall Of Sound

The legendary sound system is one stop on a long, strange road.0 9112

Train Crash: Has Audio Training Come Off The Rails?

Education is the art of drawing out information, not ramming it in!0 2364

Minority Interests

Are we designing our sound systems for all of our listeners?0 1734

Latency In Sound System Design

Keeping latency to a minimum can help you avoid common pitfalls.0 2062

Consistent Conference Commissioning

Calibrated calls can champion confabulation.0 1513

Interesting Times (For Wireless Audio)

The incredible shrinking spectrum.0 1713
Figure 1. STI plot and statistics for a platform sound system.

Where’s The Point? Part 7

Averages and statistics: What was the number you wanted?0 1696

Sounds Bad? Sounds Good? Who Knows The Difference Anymore?

Sound has been trivialized for convenience. That is a Disaster, with a capital “D,” for our industry.0 3414

Objective Analysis: Determining The Causes Of A Sound System’s Poor Performance

During my work, I am often asked to look at systems and advise why they are not performing as well … 0 1002

Battle Of The (Frequency) Bands

The recently concluded auction will have a profound effect on wireless users.0 2064
One Powell AT&T Store in San Francisco
Audio, Installations

Psychology Of Sound

Diving deeper into sound strategy for retail.0 5457

Sound Absorption: The Material Facts

Where’s The Point? Part 60 3465

Bluetooth For Assistive Listening In Theaters

Piece of cake? Not quite.0 6349

Signal-To-Noise Ratio: When It Really Counts

AV9000 Checklist Item Under Test: 6.2.7: The electrical noise levels for all audio channels are “xx”dB (“55dB” recommended for most … 0 3248

Reverberation Time: Where’s The Point? – Part 4

<a href="">Part 1</a><br/><a href="">Part 2</a><br/><a href="">Part 3</a>0 2311
Bluetooth For Commercial AV

Bluetooth For Commercial AV

Fulfilling growing demand for the de facto consumer audio connectivity solution.0 3699

InfoComm’s First Audio Standard Gets A Facelift

Any day now (if it hasn’t already happened by the time you read this), InfoComm will be releasing a new … 0 2885
Audio, House Of Worship

Assistive Listening For Houses Of Worship

WiFi audio, loops, RF and IR are options.0 5320

Commissioning Theme Parks & Attractions

Can you hear me now?0 1802
Figure 1. Family of RT curves for a large reverberant auditorium; note the lower times of the EDT curve.

Sound Decay: Where’s The Point? – Part 3

“Sound decay” sounds like a disease that decrepit concert halls might suffer from, but that’s not what I mean. The … 0 5838
Audio, Installations

NCAA’s Coors Center Upgrades Audio

PA system replaced after 35-year run.0 4176

Software Problems: A Glitch In The Matrix?

Troubleshooting decentralized, open-architecture DSP mixers.0 2289
induction loop

Induction Loop Technology: Gotcha!

You're not going to get away with brute forcing this technology.0 3405
Figure 1. Analog linear voltage and non-linear dB scales.

Accuracy: Where’s The Point? – Part 2

Last month, I discussed the differences between accuracy, precision and resolution when making some voltage/frequency measurements. In audio, however, we … 0 2590
Figure 1. Digital meter readout.

How Accurate Are Audio & Acoustic Measurements?

Where’s The Point? Part 10 2711

Zoning In On Sound Masking

Need trumps cost.0 2646

Cutting Through The Noise

The architectural trend toward open offices provides a unique opportunity for integrators.0 1966
Figure 1
Audio, Video

HDBaseT 101 – Part 1

Nearly 40% of integrators are already deploying or working with HDBaseT technology, and that number is expected to grow.0 5757
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