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Sound & Communications: August 2021 Digital Edition

Sound & Communications August 2021 Digital Edition

Sound Advice
Forget The Theory—This Is The Real World, Part 1

A close look at a cathedral sound system that defies conventional wisdom about listener positioning and intelligibility.
By Peter Mapp, PhD, FASA, FAES

Let’s Get Real About IoT Implementation In The Workplace

Creating a more dynamic and collaborative setting across the enterprise.
By Andrew Gross

House of Worship: Business
The Intersection Of Corporate And Ministry

Examining surprising similarities between corporate and worship needs in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
By David Lee Jr., PhD

The Commish
The Power Of Third Party

Why you’re likely to get superior results if you invest in paid, third-party commissioning services.
By James Maltese, CTS-D, CTS-I, CQD, CQT

What Would You Do?
Back To Work, Part 7

Continuing our discussion of design and engineering.
By Douglas Kleeger, CTS-D, DMC-E/S, XTP-E, KCD

Eyes On Digital Signage At InfoComm 2021

The show will explore the world of digital signage and its vast potential.
By Krystle Murphy

Industry POV
Supporting Enterprise Customers And Their Applications

A royalty-free standard will play a critical role in the ongoing transformation.
By Matt Davis

Industry POV
AVoIP For Onsite And Hybrid Meetings

The rise of “work from anywhere” hasn’t diminished the need to upgrade your systems.
By Brad Price

HQ 2.0

Twitch unifies infrastructures to create an AV and communication experience for its new east coast hub.
By Dan Daley

Amplifier Power Ratings From The Ground Up, Part 3

The final part of our series offers practical conclusions and key takeaways.
By Pat Brown

Ensuring Quality For Tomorrow’s Hybrid Meetings

Acoustical and hardware considerations to ensure clear, effective corporate communication.
By David Bick, RCDD, CTS, and Josh Rasch

Bringing Spectacular Displays To Life

Dreaming big, but acting methodically, can yield astonishing results.
By David Wood

AVent Horizon
Photons (and Acronyms) Never Sleep

A look at advancements in display technology.
By Pete Putman, CTS

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