DSE 2020 New Product Spotlight

Videotel Digital’s RFID Interactive

Videotel Digital’s RFID Interactive is a digital-signage solution that gives you the capability to broadcast real-time promotions and/or information about any item or object to a screen instantly. Simply affix RFID tags to any object(s), position the RFID tag near the RFID reader, and it will send proper identification to Videotel Digital’s VP90 player, which then plays the corresponding video or image content about the item on the screen. This solution can be used with either 1 RFID sensor or with multiple sensors connected together. RFID interactive is offered with Videotel Digital’s combination of smart cards, key fobs and/or RFID stickers, each of which is preprogrammed. RFID interactive works right out of the box. The solution includes 1 VP90 digital-signage media player, 1 RFID reader and various RFID tags. Videotel Digital also offers free lifetime cloud digital-signage software, a 2-year warranty and free technical support.

Videotel Digital

This post is part of Sound & Communications’ DSE 2020 New Product Spotlight. Although DSE 2020 has been postponed, the DSE 2020 New Product Spotlight presents products that manufacturers would have introduced to our industry at Digital Signage Expo 2020 in Las Vegas NV.

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