DSE 2020 New Product Spotlight

Navori Labs’ Smart Content Automation

Navori Labs has enriched its flagship QL 2.2 digital-signage software with Smart Content Automation, a new software-defined platform to manage and optimize end-user communication strategies. Smart Content Automation leverages data, AI and scenario-driven content from several Navori innovations. Navori’s new Computer Vision application is an essential element of Smart Content Automation. It supports in-depth crowd analysis and content triggering based on real-time visual data and events, as well as anonymous audience tracking and ad-campaign measurement. Navori’s Smart Content Automation platform also leverages business intelligence (inventory analysis, pricing, merchandising priorities), data feeds (weather, social media) and 3rd-party systems (sensors, RFID, license-plate readers).

Navori Labs

This post is part of Sound & Communications’ DSE 2020 New Product Spotlight. Although DSE 2020 has been postponed, the DSE 2020 New Product Spotlight presents products that manufacturers would have introduced to our industry at Digital Signage Expo 2020 in Las Vegas NV.

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