July 2015 Digital Edition

Digital Edition

Digital Signage, Video
Sign Age: A Window On Retail
As retail outlets approach their busiest time of the fiscal year, many stores are wondering how best to attract and engage customers. In that vein, we examine some real-world applications that prove the effectiveness of digital signage in strengthening brand awareness and take a behind-the-scenes look at how retailers make their digital signage purchasing decisions.
By Shonan Noronha, EdD

House of Worship, Business
HOW: Business: A Global View
Although the house of worship market continues to thrive in the United States, integrators may still be underestimating the opportunities represented by the global worship market. Our columnist draws on his extensive experience working with HOWs across Europe, Africa and Asia to highlight the need for AV in worship beyond our own borders.
By David Lee Jr., PhD

What Would You Do?: So, It Doesn’t Work…
Integrators who leave projects unfinished or who commit the same mistakes when called back to service a project are a reliable source of frustration in the industry. In an attempt to curb some of these bewildering tendencies, our columnist shares some anecdotes from the field and encourages integrators to look at their completed installs from a competitor’s point of view.
By Douglas Kleeger, CTS-D, DMC-E

The Commish: Scope Of Work
If a project’s deliverables are not clearly defined when the contract is signed, a project can arguably go on indefinitely. Our columnist shares some anecdotes in which clients and AV professionals failed to agree on the scope of work and stresses the importance of communication in the earliest planning stages of a project.
By James Maltese, CTS-D, CTS-I, CQT

NSCA POV: Bogged Down In Documentation
Designing an AV system requires quite a bit of paperwork in order to ensure that both the client and any AV professionals involved in the project are legally protected and that their expectations are clearly defined. NSCA’s Executive Director offers some suggestions on how to streamline your documentation process.
By Chuck Wilson

Integrator’s POV: Better Cabling, Better Business
Cables may not represent the sexiest side of commercial AV, but even the flashiest AV systems would be unable to function without proper cable design and infrastructure. The Director of Installation Services for CEC weighs in on how becoming BICSI certified has helped improve education at his company and standardized its employees’ cabling practices.
By Brian Morrow

Business, Video
Integrator’s POV: Who Guards The Guards?
A recent experience watching a TV program that obviously had no one monitoring the feed for technical malfunctions inspired our columnist to reflect on the pitfalls of our current obsession with automation and the all-too-common trend of relying on end users to report malfunctions.
By John Mayberry

Installation, Video, Audio, Digital Signage
Zoned Out Interactive Retail
At Verizon Wireless’ Chicago location, AV is used to create an engaging consumer experience that relies on themed zones and interactivity to attract and educate shoppers. We go inside the install with designer Chute Gerdeman and integrator McCann Systems.
By Jim Stokes

Installation, Digital Signage, IT/AV, Video, Audio, Business
Diversifying Into Design/Integration
As part of its efforts to offer its clients a total AV solution, Minneapolis MN-based technology company Spye handles everything from product development and distribution to integration and content creation. We got the scoop on how a recent installation at the 223,000-square-foot BMW of Minnetonka showroom inspired the company’s new approach to digital signage.
By Dan Daley

Business, Digital Signage, Video, Audio
Integrating For Emotional Retail
The influence of sensory input on buying decisions has long been acknowledged, but today’s AV solutions have revolutionized how retail outlets can appeal to their customers’ senses. In this feature, we crunch the numbers on the influence of sensory experience on buying decisions and take a look at some of the innovative approaches to sensory stimulation offered by today’s AV tech.
By Laura Davis-Taylor

Video, IT/AV
AVent Horizon: The Dog Days Of Wireless Connectivity
Despite our increasing reliance on wireless technology to transmit massive amounts of audio-visual data, our wireless infrastructure has, in many ways, regressed over the past few years. Our columnist traces some of the industry developments that have led to our current state of wireless connectivity and highlights some potential areas of innovation on the horizon.
By Pete Putman, CTS

Business, Video, Audio, IT/AV, House of Worship, Installation
Sound & Communications’ 30th Commercial Systems Integration Survey
Each year, Sound & Communications solicits input from our readers on the strength of their commercial AV integration businesses and the trends that are currently driving the industry. Here, we present our findings.
By David A. Silverman

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