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IT/AV Report: Spring 2020

Examining ‘The “A” And The “V”’
There’s no going back to lower quality….A sneak preview of what this issue has in store.
By David Danto

Key Trends In Immersive Display Technologies And Experiences
Consumer expectations are in flux.
By Manolo Almagro

Audio Evolution, Not Revolution
Even if things aren’t altogether different, progress continues unimpeded.
By Mike Sinclair

Live Video Editing
A new way to host engaging webinars and video meetings.
By David Maldow

Digital Signage’s Growing Role In The AV World
If you want to maintain strong positioning, you have to expand your knowledge base.
By Dami Adeola

Five Collaboration Trends To Watch In 2020 And Beyond
Short-term COVID-19 adaptations dovetail with larger industry transformations.
By Irwin Lazar

From The Eye Of The Law
Walking the line of reasonable expectations.
By Josh Srago, CTS

Not Your Parents’ Video Cameras
AI and ML are permanently changing video-camera technology.
By Neil Fluester

Don’t Blink—AV Technology Just Changed
Our industry’s pace of change can be astounding even to a seasoned technologist.
By Christopher Maione, CTS-D, DSCE, DMC-D

The Last Word
Improvements in ‘A’ and ‘V’: a long and winding road.
By Ira M. Weinstein

Sound & Communications July 2021 digital edition
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