Fall 2016, Volume 14 Number 2

  • Big Brother’s Projector
    By Shonan Noronha, EdD
  • Tech & Today’s College Students
    In this wide-ranging discussion, InfoComm International’s Director of Communications covers several key topics related to AV in higher ed, including student expectations, how to meet the needs of the next generation of AV-savvy students, how to convince colleges to invest in AV by focusing on outcomes rather than technology and more.
    By Brad Grimes, InfoComm International
  • Opportunities With The Internet Of Things
    The Internet of Things presents myriad business opportunities for integrators. In this article, the President of CompTIA breaks down essential IoT stats that illustrate the dollars to be earned in this brave new world of connected devices and details some ways you can cash in on these opportunities.
    By Todd Thibodeaux, CompTIA
  • Augmenting Video Streams
    The success of Pokémon GO has opened up a lot of eyes to the ability of augmented reality to engage audiences. In this article, we break down the differences between AR and VR and offer suggestions for and examples of applications of AR technology.
    By John Rhodes
  • Jackson Walker Raises The AVL Bar
    Texas-based law firm Jackson Walker recently moved its Dallas HQ to a new building, complete with sophisticated collaboration and communication systems in 39 spaces located across four floors. We take a deep dive into this cutting-edge corporate install.
    By Shonan Noronha, EdD
  • The High-Tech Engager
    Indiana University’s Franklin Hall is a frequent stop for students and visitors, and it is home to the university’s Media School. With all that in mind, the school wanted an eye-catching interactive LED display that would make an impact on visitors and enrich the educational experience for media students while also engaging them with entertaining content. We tell you how they made it happen with help from Sensory Technologies.
    By Andrea J. Nicholson, CTS, Sensory Technologies
  • Security & Privacy Concerns
    In this roundtable discussion with integrators, consultants, manufacturers and end users, we discuss how to keep data secure and ensure user privacy in today’s networked AV systems.
    By Shonan Noronha, EdD

Spring 2016, Volume 14 Number 1

  • In The Shadow Of IT
    Like lava pushing up from under a volcano, the accelerating development of voice/data, audio/video (AV), lighting, security, computing and related fields presage more eruptions of convergence in the AV/IT landscape.
    Shonan Noronha, EdD, Editor
  • How AV Is Becoming More Like IT
    According to InfoComm’s research reports, which queried end users and decision makers around the world, the process behind purchasing AV systems has become more “IT-like.” The CEO of InfoComm International explains what this means and how it will affect integrators’ bottom line.
    By David Labuskes, CTS, RCDD
  • Why Meta-Convergence Matters
    It’s not putting one and one together that moves technology forward by leaps and bounds; it’s by slamming two and two into one. Meta-convergence solutions are products that combine technologies that have already been converged. Our columnist delves into the benefits of meta-converged solutions, drawing inspiration from poignant examples.
    By John Rhodes
  • Monitoring From Inside The Hanging Lake Tunnels
    A bedrock upgrade and expansion to one of the most technologically advanced command and control centers in the transportation industry has been completed. This multiyear project modernized the control system and replaced the facility’s network infrastructure, which is located within the Hanging Lake Tunnels, a 4000-foot, two-bore tunnel through the mountainside in Glenwood Canyon.
    By Carlos Rogers, PE
  • Engineering A Spectacular Display For Westgate Las Vegas
    The new SuperBook at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino now features tech capable of displaying content across 400 square feet of LED tiles. To assure integrity of content from more than 100 sources, through distribution and delivery, audio, video and RF systems were major parts of the installation. Our columnist highlights the largest challenges and creative solutions involved.
    By Patrick Dunn
  • The Nature Of Huddle Rooms
    The AV industry has embraced the Huddle Room with open arms, but when will integrators have generally accepted standards on which to base our offerings? And what will the standards even be? We asked this question to integrators, end users and everyone in between. Their answers might surprise you.
    By David Danto

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