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Zytronic’s Multitouch Controllers

Zytronic’s Multitouch Controllers

Zytronic has unveiled new multitouch controllers, intended to enhance the design, speed, accuracy and performance of large-format touchscreens. The new controllers enable touchscreens to have ultra-narrow inactive borders, enhancing videowall designs. They also facilitate improved integration of contactless peripheral systems, such as NFC payment. The new touch controllers allow touch sensors to be designed with substantially reduced non-active borders (less than 10mm on a 55″ screen). The controllers are centered on a unique ASIC and feature higher noise immunity, allowing technologies (RFID, NFC, Qi wireless battery charging, etc.) to be implemented adjacent to—or even within—the active area, without impairing normal touchscreen performance. Traditionally, these technologies emit signals that can interfere with the operation of conventional projected capacitive touchscreens; by using these new multitouch controllers, that can be overcome.

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