DSE 2018 New Product Spotlight

Visix’s Touch10

Visix’s Touch10

Visix’s Touch10 interactive room sign has a sleek chassis with rounded corners and a bright, 10″ screen. Users can show room and event schedules, along with digital signage playlists, to make sure people in meetings don’t miss important announcements. Room availability is available at a glance with a large, onscreen status light, as well as availability lights on each side; they shine green when the room is available and red when it’s not. On Microsoft Exchange or EMS, users can create a walk-up reservation with only a few touches to the screen. Walk-up reservations are immediately shared with the calendar application to avoid double bookings. For rooms where walk-up reservations aren’t appropriate, any Touch room sign can run in non-interactive mode, so digital signage content and schedules are displayed full-screen. These PoE+ room signs can be surface mounted or recessed in walls right out of the box, without any additional hardware.

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