yellobrik 12G Fiber Optic To SDI Solutions

LYNX Technik

LYNX Technik has expanded yellobrik® range into the 12G SDI for 4K arena. The compact size and innovative rackmount and redundant power supply options are synonymous with quality and reliability and ideal for diverse environments. The new 12G 4K/UHD Fiber Transport modules include the OTX 1410 and ORX 1400 single channel 12G coax transmitter and receiver models are supplied with SFPs fitted or users can select from a range of CWDM types for multiplexing or up to 80Km range. For the transport of either 12G on 4x 3G coax format (2SI or SQD) or four discrete 3G signals, the OTR 1441 and 1442 offer a single box (at each end) solution. Modules may be daisy-chained to transport either 8x 3G or 2x 4K/UHD over a single fiber or add Ethernet or RS232/RS422/RS485 signals to the multi 3G or 4K/UHD fiber link.


LYNX Technik

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