Well-Designed Collaboration Solutions Command Attention

Corporate spaces can realize increased effectiveness, efficiency with AV.

The days of stark white walls and boring corporate boardrooms are over. As the landscape of corporate America shifts, it is very likely that the largest boom in digital corporate enhancements that the industry has ever seen will take place. From projectors, to touchscreen panels, to LED videowalls, the visual technology being integrated into collaborative corporate workspaces is increasing each year, and it’s increasing rapidly.

Regardless of whether we’re talking about a Fortune 500 company with thousands of employees or a small startup business, the decision to incorporate audiovisual solutions is a turning point for effective communication. Industry by industry, companies are making strides in their implementation of AV and digital solutions to increase collaboration, while striving to align themselves with technological evolution. Digital AV solutions are being leveraged to keep up to date with trends, innovation and growth both internally and externally. Each solution must be unique to the environment in which it is used, and each one demonstrates the power of interactive technology. And, although installing commercial AV systems might entail a company absorbing a big upfront cost, the long-term learning benefits and productivity rates will bring a positive return on the initial investment in little time.

Corporate meetings can be boring, draining and frustrating, and a big part of those problems centers on a lack of focus on the task at hand. Digital devices, however, serve to connect people, and they bring out creativity and a focused approach to tasks. With the introduction of a cohesive AV network that utilizes collaborative display solutions, companies can transform a monotonous meeting into an experience that is genuinely engaging.

AV technology enables a variety of distinct solutions that can increase the interactive learning and communication taking place at work. Creating a focal point for the meeting grabs the attention of the room, and it enables effective, collaborative communication. A digital canvas allows for the free expression of thoughts and ideas by many different participants. Implementations of AV technology like those described promote connectivity—both literal and figurative—and a flexible, intuitive approach; that, in turn, leads to workplaces that are more interactive and, consequently, employees who are more engaged.

Creating the kind of workplace I’ve just described isn’t easy, and it involves multiple facets. Believe it or not, one of the most important of those centers on not capabilities, but, rather, aesthetics. How to attract consumers is at the forefront of every business’ mind—but what about how to attract its own employees? An attractive workspace makes coming to work more appealing, which naturally leads to greater productivity. These issues are why manufacturers consider visual design when formulating new products. Inadequate cable management and misaligned displays could take the best system that has the best capabilities and ruin it by making it unsightly to those in the room.

To maximize the aesthetic appeal and visual design of your space, look for engineered mounting solutions that are sleek, and which can be hidden behind displays. Along with offering a modern, low-profile mounting design, today’s AV mounts also feature internal routing to keep cables untangled and orderly when servicing is required. If you want to make an impression on the next group of corporate visitors who visit your offices, it’s critical to have state-of-the-art, AV-centric, highly collaborative meeting spaces that are packed with the newest technology, and whose aesthetics are appealing.

The future of AV solutions is already here. The integration of highly collaborative AV solutions is just the beginning of the new era of technology that’s captivating corporate America, and the possibilities are endless. AV solutions—videowalls, interactive displays and smartboards among them—are simple, convenient ways to increase the performance of a company and its employees, because individuals excel in flexible, intuitive environments and AV deployments such as those provide time- and cost-effective solutions. In short, integrating the latest generation of AV technologies, while keeping a firm focus on visual design and appealing aesthetics, is a recipe for a streamlined workflow, increased efficiency and enhanced effectiveness.

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