DSE 2018 New Product Spotlight

Visix’s AxisTV Workgroup

Visix’s AxisTV Workgroup

Visix’s new AxisTV Workgroup lets users manage campus or regional communications with content contributors across departments. Users can share content management across their team with at most 50 people contributing, while delivering content to as many as 100 players and screens. Dynamic apps and widgets in the desktop designer make creating compelling content fast and easy, and turnkey scheduling and playback tools in the CMS take the burden off signage managers. Real-time automated feeds and robust data-mapping tools ensure users always have a steady flow of fresh and relevant content to keep audiences engaged. Cloud-based or on-premise solutions are available with subscriptions or perpetual licenses. Expansion is turnkey, so users can start with 1 product and upgrade to another simply by purchasing new licenses. AxisTV Workgroup is for use with the AxisTV Signage Suite.

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