DSE 2018 New Product Spotlight

KanexPro’s VW-SP-1X44K

KanexPro's VW-SP-1X44K

KanexPro’s VW-SP-1X44K 4K video processor allows 1 HDMI input to be arranged on 4 4K displays or more through cascading. With bezel correction included, users can create videowalls from 2×2, 2×3 and 3×3 screens. The videowalls can be fully controlled from anywhere using a tablet or any other 3rd-party control system using RS232 and Telnet (included software.) The device supports video output timings up to WUXGA@60 and 1080p@60Hz, and audio formats up to 7.1ch. LPCM at 192kHz sampling rate based on input source Extended Display Identification Data (EDID). This solution is intended for hyper markets, command and control, and large-scale presentation applications.

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