Video Projection Mapping Turnkey System

Arista’s Video Projection Mapping Turnkey System is a compact, all-in-one solution for projection mapping applications. The system is pre-configured, producing a streamlined setup that merely requires connecting / disconnecting etherCON cables to and from the projectors. The system integrates a 4U rack mount computer named QuadMosaic. Powered by an Intel Xeon 10-core processor, it can be upgraded to a 22-core processor. The system is populated with 128 GB DDR4-2400 system memory and is upgradable to 512GB. Five swappable 2TB SATA HDDs are installed and configured in a RAID-5 configuration with one hot spare SATA HDD. The second section is Arista’s ARD-5816-A07-TX HDBaseT Cluster, accommodating up to sixteen HDBaseT transmitter blades. Each blade is located on the unit’s front and is hot swappable. There are up to sixteen I/O blades located at the rear of the unit—each being hot swappable.



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