2021 Halftime Spotlight

Utelogy’s U-Automate Feature

Utelogy U-Automate Feature

U-Automate is Utelogy’s room-readiness product built to eliminate costly, time-consuming and manual processes employed today. By executing sweeps from room to room via the U-Automate software, Utelogy can make sure a company’s resources are allocated only to rooms that have alerts. U-Automate was launched to the general public with continuous UX improvements launched throughout the year. U-Automate supports the ability to create a script to launch audio/videocalls, inject pink noise to test sound quality, turn on/off all the rooms connected devices, check device health and even trigger system macros, all with a drag-and-drop interface that lives within the U-Manage Portal. Users can schedule a test to be run at any time for any or all rooms or locations of their choosing.


This post is part of Sound & Communications’ 2021 Halftime Spotlight.

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