2021 Halftime Spotlight

Acoustics First’s LFC – Low-Frequency Control Panel

Acoustics First LFC Panel

Acoustics First has announced a new addition to its Sonora line of acoustic panels: the Sonora LFC – Low-Frequency Control Panel. While visually identical to a Sonora 4-1/8” High-Impact Panel at first glance, it’s the engineering inside the panel that makes it unique. The Sonora LFC uses a multi-density fiberglass core construction and a dampened resonant membrane to focus its attenuation on the bass frequencies, even below 125Hz. This configuration “rolls off” in the upper bands so the space doesn’t become “dead” from over-absorbing high-frequency energy. By emphasizing the performance on controlling low frequencies, less broadband absorption is required to balance the acoustic environment, and thus, there is more acoustic energy left for diffusers to enrich the listening experience. For controlling the bass without sucking the life out of a room, the Sonora LFC Panel is engineered for low-frequency control.

Acoustics First

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