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TVS Pro And Sound & Communications Discuss Pivoting During The COVID-19 Age


Dalton Parker, Chief Technology Officer, TVS Pro, chats with Dan Ferrisi, Editor, Sound & Communications, as the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to affect not only the broad global economy but also the commercial AV industry specifically. TVS Pro has made major operational changes because of the pandemic, including closing its rental department and liquidating its rental inventory. Meanwhile, the company has seen a tremendous increase in higher-education opportunities. Parker offers his take on “bull markets” and “bear markets” in the commercial AV industry, while also opining about the “as-a-service” trend. The discussion closes with thoughts about the shift away from capital expenditures (CapEx) and toward operational expenditures (OpEx). Even if projects are smaller, dollar-size-wise, there are new and emerging opportunities for integrators to generate recurring monthly revenue (RMR).

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