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The Three Strategies AV Companies Need To Future-Proof Their Business

No matter what end of the spectrum your AV business operates in, being able to pivot your brand strategy in times of uncertainty often means the difference between barely surviving and thriving. That is true today more than ever. In his webinar, “The Three Strategies AV Companies Need To Future-Proof Their Business,” Steven Picanza, Global Brand Strategist & Educator, shares insights into how to navigate the waters of business and, ultimately, futureproof your AV business even during a recession.

In this webinar, you will learn:
* The 3 strategies you need to futureproof your AV business and how to implement them.
* What your brand DNA is and how it relates to your keeping your sales funnel full.
* How to align your branding with your marketing to produce sales.

Watch the full webinar here:

Steven Picanza is an award-winning brand strategist and marketer helping business leaders simplify their messaging while creating impactful marketing materials to connect them with their core audience. He runs Latin & Code, a brand + marketing consultancy with his wife Melissa while also being a strategic advisor to brands, agencies, and start-ups through his role with The Agency Guy, Inc.

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