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The Focusrite Group Announces Acquisition Of ADAM Audio

The Focusrite Group, which comprises the Focusrite, Focusrite Pro, Novation and Ampify Music brands, announced the acquisition of ADAM Audio GmbH of Berlin, Germany. This is the first acquisition for The Focusrite Group since going public in 2014.

“I am delighted that we have an important new addition to our family of brands,” Focusrite Founder and Chairman, Phil Dudderidge, commented. “For the Focusrite Gro­­­up, the creation and recording of music is everything. With a vision to create the most holistic creative experience for recording professionals and musicians alike, choosing the right high-precision studio monitor brand is key. Together with ADAM Audio we can achieve so much more, removing the technical barriers that frustrate artists seeking to record and reveal their true sound.”

The Focusrite Group has stated that initial focus is squarely on ensuring ADAM Audio has all the necessary freedom and autonomy to continue its technological innovations. However, as Tim Carroll, CEO of the Focusrite Group admitted, the two companies are excited to be working with one another.

“ADAM Audio is undeniably a leader in the field of electroacoustics,” Carroll said. “The A7Xs and S3s have become standards in recording spaces across the globe. Even so, I know the team have no interest in resting on their laurels. We need to ensure they receive all the support they require to continue raising the sonic bar. That our two companies are so aligned from a cultural perspective reassures me that, as we increasingly work together, great things will happen. With so much expertise between us in acoustics, sound reproduction, DSP, and control, the opportunities are abundant to refine recording and production workflows together.”

ADAM Audio will continue to operate out of its main offices in Berlin, Germany, under the leadership of Christian Hellinger.

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