The Chromium Fine Pixel Series, Featuring Chip-On-Board Technology

Vanguard LED Displays
The Chromium True COB P1.9 features unparalleled reliability and durability to the fine pixel pitch market. The Chromium True COB is a cabinet produced using true Chip-On-Board methodology. This is different than traditional SMD LED displays in a number of key ways. The LED chip is attached directly to the PCB board and then encapsulated with a protective resin. This dramatically reduces the number of failure points while at the same time decreasing humidity’s ability to degrade the LED chips. This leads to an exceptionally low failure rate of less than 10ppm. The resin encapsulation results in a LED screen that is highly impact resistant. The Chromium Series is fully front-serviceable. There are no external jumpers on the rear, making this cabinet ideal for wall mounting. Chromium cabinets are designed for wall mounting or can be recessed into a wall. Vanguard LED Displays offer a five (5) year warranty and 5% spare parts.


Vanguard LED Displays

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