2021 Halftime Spotlight

TASCAM’s TM-250U Condenser Microphone


The TASCAM TM-250U Condenser Microphone is ideal for high-quality, direct-connection computer audio with applications including podcasting or dialog/vocal recording. Featuring a super cardioid polar pattern and a frequency response of 20Hz〜20kHz, the TM-250U delivers detailed audio straight to computers running Windows, Mac and Chrome OS. With a direct connection to computers via a USB cable, users can record voice-over or music directly to the computer’s recording software with stream optimized 16-bit/48kHz sampling quality. The TM-250U provides integrated controls for managing audio, making interconnection with one’s computer seamless. The TM-250U is equipped with a microphone gain control, a headphone volume control and a microphone mute button that provides flexibility for in-the-moment audio control. The microphone also includes a dedicated 3.5mm stereo headphone output for direct monitoring. The TM-250U ships with a microphone clip, a 6-foot USB C-A mic cable and a desktop mic stand.


This post is part of Sound & Communications’ 2021 Halftime Spotlight.

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