Spacemap® Go Spatial Sound Design And Mixing App For iPad

Meyer Sound

Spacemap® Go is a spatial sound design and mixing tool that leverages the processing power of the Meyer Sound GALAXY™ Network Platform in an intuitive iPad app. The Spacemap Go iPadOS app provides a flexible, easy-to-use touchpad interface for Spacemap multichannel panning using one or more connected iPads. With Spacemap Go, anyone can design both simple and sophisticated multichannel installations without specialized training. With thousands of GALAXY processors worldwide, Spacemap Go has the widest reach of any spatial sound design and mixing tool. No other sound design tool offers so much power and control, right at your fingertips. Spacemap Go can be implemented with a free update to GALAXY firmware and Compass control software. Users with existing GALAXY inventory need only supply one or more iPads as appropriate for the application.

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