Sound & Communications Stands In Solidarity Against Racial Injustice

Sound & Communications

As the rest of the world is, Sound & Communications is horrified by the murder of George Floyd, which members of an alarmed crowd recorded as they watched it happen. We also, however, recognize that Floyd’s murder is not an isolated incident, but, rather, is indicative of systemic racism—something that is deep-seated in our nation’s past and continues to this day.

The scourge of racism manifests itself not only when unreasonable, excessive lethal force is used, but also in other ways. The recent Central Park case, in which a woman called police to report an “African-American man” who had asked her to put her dog on a leash, illustrates the dangers Black Americans face when just going about their daily lives.

Sound & Communications stands shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with those peacefully protesting the abuse and mistreatment of Black Americans. Change has long been overdue, and change cannot wait a moment longer.

The United States is distinguished by the greatness of its ideals. We look forward to a day when we live up to those ideals by protecting and honoring all people.

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