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Solotech Acquires Waveform Entertainment

Solotech Acquires Waveform Entertainment

Solotech has acquired Waveform Entertainment, a Canadian esports entertainment company specializing in full-service esports solutions, including creative and design, technologies, event execution, brand solutions, digital marketing, talent management, sponsorships, and virtual and live production services. The company is known in the gaming industry for its contribution to numerous high-profile programs, namely on Twitch, including “Rainbow6 Canada Nationals Year 2,” “Complexity’s WOW Race to World First,” “Get On My Level,” “EGLX Digital” and “Rising Stars.” With Solotech’s international reach, this strategic partnership will enable Waveform to become a global esports entertainment company and connect with an even larger gaming audience.

Waveform is also a turnkey agency that provides comprehensive creation, production and digital-marketing services. With its proprietary event platform and production software, the company is able to produce virtual events and reach an online audience of varied clients from the video game and entertainment industries, and the corporate and government markets.

“Customer demand for cutting-edge digital services continues to grow and the gaming industry is blooming more than ever,” Martin Tremblay, President and CEO of Groupe Solotech Inc., said. “This acquisition enables us to roll out numerous live events, esports and virtual production broadcasts, including augmented and virtual reality. Gaming alone is a strong and growing 160 billion market. I see this acquisition as a perfect fit with our new Media and Entertainment Technologies Division and our diversification strategy, namely with online tournaments, fans engagement and sponsorships. Our goal remains to be recognized as the audiovisual partner and leader of choice for top content creators, including film, television, advertising and games. Waveform has worked with major industry players like Ubisoft, Dreamhack, Cineplex and major esports events, as well as teaming up with well-known brands and partners including NXNE, AMD and CSL.”

“This is a great fit for our two organizations since we already collaborate on several major virtual productions,” Tamir Kastiel, President of Waveform, said. “It will allow Waveform to reach even more fans from the gaming world! We’ve developed a unique set of esports event services and earned credibility in the gaming industry as a result. We pride ourselves on our strong reputation and proven experience in esports and broadcasting on both local and international stages. We will continue to grow into a company with a solid global impact and presence within the next few years by leveraging Solotech’s presence and resources in the US and UK. We are embarking on a highly rewarding experience with Solotech.”

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