SnugFit™ High Speed Latching HDMI Cables

Hall Research Technologies
The CHD-SFxx latching HDMI cables from Hall Research provide 18G bandwidth for perfect 4K60 video and are designed for critical applications where a tight and reliable HDMI connection is required. Regular HDMI cables do not secure the connector and can become unplugged with as little as 2 lbs. of force. The SnugFit™ cables use spring-loaded protrusions on the top and sides of the HDMI connector to increase the force required to unplug the cable. The top tabs are positioned in such a way to snap into slots in compatible mating connectors providing tactile and audible feedback of a proper connection. In this way, SnugFit™ cables offer additional grip force preventing accidental disconnection. The SnugFit™ cables are economically priced and available in lengths from 1 to 25 ft. in length.*


Hall Research Technologies

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