InfoComm 2019 New Product Spotlight

Servoreeler Systems’ SRL-6

Servoreeler Systems (SRS) has introduced the SRL-6. This model is designed to deploy the advanced Biamp TCM-1 8-element mic. The SRL-6 is the latest in a series of unique mechanisms designed to support different multi-element mics utilizing the OEM’s own special cable. These dedicated designs are each carefully configured to a particular mic. The TCM-1 employs a special 3.5mm-diameter digital mic cable that is not compatible with the normal Servoreeler mechanism. Engineering changes to this mechanism for this cable results in what is now a unique new SRS product. Pairing the normally suspended and always visible TCM-1 with a Servoreeler allows this mic to be automatically deployed only when needed. Then, when no longer in actual use, the TCM-1 can be retracted and docked into a special BZ-4 ceiling bezel flush with the ceiling.

Servoreeler Systems
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