2021 Halftime Spotlight

Screen Innovations’ Redesigned Zero-G Long Drop Motorized Screen Assembly

Screen Innovations' Zero-G

Featuring an extended maximum drop of nearly 16′, Screen Innovations’ newly redesigned Zero-G Long Drop Motorized Screen Assembly provides integrators with a solution when specifying motorized screens in structures with extremely tall ceilings, such as lecture halls, houses of worship, hotel lobbies and other commercial environments. Unlike competing long-drop motorized solutions, Zero-G has no black mask above the viewing surface. Instead, the Zero-G screen is housed in a 2-piece tube that is suspended from Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene cables, where it deploys at a preset location and unrolls itself, displaying the viewing surface without any visual distractions. Because the cables are barely visible, the Zero-G screen appears to be suspended in mid-air, enabling it to exist in areas that may have been impossible for a standard display and to coexist with the orientation and designs of the room.

Screen Innovations

This post is part of Sound & Communications’ 2021 Halftime Spotlight.

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