InfoComm 2020 Connected Spotlight

Ross Video’s XPression v10

Ross Video’s XPression real-time graphics platform is a favorite with international news, weather, sports and esports content creators. Ross Video is delighted to announce the launch of XPression v10.

V10 features a fully rewritten, multi-threaded video codec that supports UHD, HDR and Wide Colour Gamut. This new software (i.e. not hardware dependent) codec adds support for 10-bit video files and is backwards compatible with older XPression assets – no re-encoding is required.

Additionally, the XPression Remote Sequencer has been enhanced to enable customers to create new rundowns, create new Take items, modify existing MOS objects, manage rundowns (import/export/save them) and build rundowns ‘offline’ without activating them. This empowers the Remote Sequencer user to build and make changes as needed.

Ross Video

This post is part of Sound & Communications’ InfoComm 2020 Connected New Product Spotlight.

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