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RGBlink Begins Operations In North America


RGBlink announced the creation of RGBlink America, intended to bring a new focus to a growing market for the company. Servicing the US, Canada and Mexico, RGBlink America will not only provide on-the-ground sales support, but it will also offer US-based after-sales and technical support.

“This is an important step for RGBlink and a step we have been working toward,” RGBlink CEO, Ben Hu, said. “We know having sales and support is such an important market and key factor in growing the business and building even stronger relationships. We have enjoyed great support in North America with the events industry and in broadcast, and we are looking forward to introducing our products to even more people in the near future!”

RGBlink America has appointed Tony Magaña as Regional Sales Manager. Magaña will be based out of San Antonio TX, along   with a support team which will leverage RGBlink support 24/7.

“It is an exciting time in the industry, and there is a lot of opportunity to take RGBlink to the next level here in North America,” added Magaña. “The feedback we are getting from customers already is impressive, and we are very much looking forward to an excellent 2019 with some great product solutions in the RGBlink lineup.”

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