InfoComm 2019 New Product Spotlight

Pliant Technologies’ MicroCom

MicroCom is the latest introduction to Pliant’s wireless lineup. The addition of MicroCom provides a compact and simple wireless intercom solution for any installation. Available in the 900MHz band (where legal), MicroCom provides a single-channel, full-duplex, multiuser intercom for applications where quality audio and range are essential. Even in whisper-only environments, MicroCom provides clear and responsive audio between users. MicroCom is ideal for small church congregations, schools, theaters and similar applications. The system also features small, lightweight belt packs, which are durable and water resistant. MicroCom provides ease-of-use and a long-life battery operation. Pliant also offers several different headset options, which are suitable for an array of application needs.

Pliant Technologies
Booth #5447

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