InfoComm 2019 New Product Spotlight

Luminex’s LumiNode

Luminex’s LumiNode range of MK2 nodes has an innovative new interface. It effectively handles all current protocols, anticipates future protocols and can adapt easily to any network infrastructure. LumiNode consists of 3 main models: LumiNode 2 has 4 processing engines and 2 DMX outputs, LumiNode 4 has 6 processing engines and 4 DMX outputs, and LumiNode 12 has 16 processing engines and 12 DMX outputs. The LumiNode 1 is the smallest device, intended to accompany network technicians like a multi-tool. It has 2 processing engines and 1 DMX output.

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This post is part of Sound & Communications’ InfoComm 2019 New Product Spotlight.

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