2021 Halftime Spotlight

Pliant Technologies’ MicroCom XR – New Modes and Receiver

Pliant Technologies

MicroCom XR, a full-duplex, multi-user, 2-channel wireless intercom system, adds two new operating modes: Repeater Mode and Roam Mode. It also introduces a new MicroCom 900XR Receiver. The new Repeater Mode connects users working beyond the typical range by locating the Master beltpack in a centralized location helping to overcome RF barriers. The new Roam Mode further expands the coverage area of any MicroCom XR system. It links users spread throughout a venue by assigning a strategically located Master pack as well as a secondary Submaster pack, allowing users to move more freely throughout a venue while staying connected through typical communication barriers such as walls and floors. The new 900MHz Receiver is a 2-channel ultra-compact pack that allows unlimited listen-only users to stay connected. These recent updates for MicroCom XR enable the system to perform even better in challenging production environments.

Pliant Technologies

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