New Professional Digital Stereo/True Dual Mono In-Ear Monitor System

New Professional Digital Stereo/True Dual Mono In-Ear Monitor SystemFor bands and performing musicians looking for a quality digital wireless system at an affordable price point, audio leader VocoPro presents the IEM-Digital™ system. Traditional stereo in-ear monitor systems involve MPX Technology, which designates a single frequency as the carrier for stereo signal output. This technology is limited as far as receiving 100 percent separation of the stereo channel. VocoPro has solved this issue by using two separate digital frequencies to send out stereo/dual mono signal into each in-ear monitor. The VocoPro solution creates a true dual mono/stereo in-ear monitor and actually costs less than half the price of other leading brands thanks to the company’s all-new digital wireless chip. 24-bit digital means musicians will get that super clear audiophile sound. And with a total of 18 frequencies and up to 9 channel combinations, players will avoid wireless interference and get clear sound from any corner of the stage.


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