New MapMaster™ Mini RJ45 Pocket Cable Tester

New MapMaster™ Mini RJ45 Pocket Cable Tester
The new MapMaster™ Mini RJ45 pocket cable tester maps multiple locations of RJ45 network cables and detects shorts, opens, miswires, reversals, and split-pairs, Every installer should have for installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance calls. Determines wire condition and displays it on its LCD display. A set of five mapping remotes is included for locating cables terminated in wall jacks or patch panels. Also identifies the patch panel port where network cable is terminated and can find and fix the position of exposed or hidden cables. A large LCD displays TIA/EIA568A/B wiremap sequence & easily identifies faults and identifies Network ID-Only Remotes Set #1-5. Trace/locate network cables and locate breaks/opens in network cabling and quickly identify unlabeled network cables. Includes a self-storing remote and auto power off. p/n T109


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