New IEM-Digital Wireless Monitoring Systems


For singers, bands, speakers and production teams looking for true stereo/dual mono capabilities in an affordable wireless monitoring system, audio leader VocoPro today announced its new IEM-Digital systems, which come with 4, 12 and even 50 receivers and one transmitter. Traditional wireless monitoring systems use MPX technology utilizing a single frequency to send encoded stereo content, which is similar to the technology used for FM radio broadcasts. This method limits 100 percent separation between the right and left channels. VocoPro’s new IEM-Digital systems use two separate digital frequencies to send out 24-bit high-quality stereo/dual mono signals to each stereo body pack receiver, giving the user a true stereo experience. The new IEM-Digital Systems are now available in 4, 12 or 50-pack configurations ideal for performing, practicing or production, as well as assisted listening or translating at events, too.



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