NEC Analytics Learning Platform (ALP) Business Intelligence Tool For Retailers

NEC Analytics Learning Platform (ALP) is a powerful business intelligence tool for retailers that delivers real-time content and data measurement. ALP combines the company’s advanced video analytics with its digital signage expertise to make retailers smarter through data, content matching, and delivering relevant, impactful messaging to customers.

NEC developed a completely new back-end architecture for the ALP business intelligence platform that uses both edge and cloud computing to deliver real-time insights. By using non-identifying facial detection, demographic data such as age and gender are fed into a locally-based computing appliance, which then triggers the appropriate content to be shown to in-store customers. Data is delivered into the cloud where analytics provide retailers with insights such as the impact on sales from specific advertising, audience traffic, and overall engagement with customers.

NEC ALP is not a facial detection or even a digital signage solution, a full-featured business intelligence platform designed to enhance the customer experience by driving engagement through content. The platform’s powerful data analytic capability enables retailers to deliver the right message at the right time by drawing a direct correlation between when the content was played, the number of impressions and what the conversion rates are to actual sales.

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