MXC605 Portable Conference Unit with Built-In Loudspeaker

Shure has extended the MXC Digital Conference System to include new delegate units for straightforward conference and discussion applications. Available globally now, the MXC605 portable conference units are ideal for local city councils, board meetings, and other structured events. These units have a simple feature set, interpretation capability, scalability up to 3,800 units, and compatibility with the full range of MXC components and software. Designed to keep meetings on course, the MXC Digital Conference System provides an efficient, effective experience for leaders and participants alike. Powerful functionality like agenda control, interpretation, and identity verification ensure every meeting is successfully managed. The MXC605 portable unit can operate in Chair, Delegate, Interpreter, or Ambient modes. With best-in-class audio, robust software, and seamless integration, end-users get a system to match nearly every situation, meeting format, or purpose.

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