2021 Halftime Spotlight

Modulo Pi’s Modulo Kinetic Media Server

Modulo Pi’s Modulo Kinetic Media Server

Modulo Kinetic is a fully integrated media server reliable across the complete workflow. Its real-time timelines, embedded live mixer, 3D engine and show control tools are brought within one consistent environment. The platform relies on Kinetic Designer, an intuitive interface with dedicated workstation, connected to V-Node server(s). The release of Modulo Kinetic V4 takes the all-in-one platform to the next level. A revamped user interface, improved 3D engine and support of new formats–Notch Block, 10-bit Apple ProRes–are included. Moreover, Modulo Kinetic’s 3D environment is significantly improved with new tools for show study, simulation and virtual productions. It now supports SteamVR tracker, FreeD and Stype protocols, and integrates pose calibration and intrinsic calibration of fixed cameras. An improved chroma keyer is available for green screen productions. Modulo Kinetic allows augmented reality and scenic extension in green screen and LED configurations.

Modulo Kinetic

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