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Microsoft Joins SRT Open Source Project

The SRT Alliance announced that Microsoft has joined the initiative supporting the SRT Open Source Project, a collaboration to continuously develop the SRT protocol and technology stack for low-latency video streaming across any network.

SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) optimizes streaming performance across unpredictable networks with low-latency secure streams. SRT has been adopted by thousands of companies to get the highest quality streams to and across cloud-based video infrastructures.

Microsoft is the latest company to join the more than 140 members in the SRT Alliance, a consortium of vendors and end users founded by Haivision and Wowza. The SRT Alliance works collaboratively to increase industry-wide awareness and adoption of SRT as a common standard for low-latency video transport over the internet.

SRT is the fastest growing video streaming movement. SRT has the support of VideoLAN’s VLC, Wireshark, FFMpeg and the GStreamer open-source projects, in addition to the growing commercial support of the SRT Alliance member companies.

Microsoft is both a user of SRT within its substantial event production and streaming team and a developer seeking ways to optimize the video cloud services that it offers to clients globally.

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